Car Parts.Com Reviews: All You Want to Know

Car Parts.Com Reviews All You Want to Know

Learn more about Car Parts.Com Reviews to help you whether should you buy car accessories from car and we will also give you tips to spot a fake car part.

CarParts has a rating of 3.2 stars from 1,004 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Customer service, order number, and promptness are mentioned by reviewers who are happy with CarParts most frequently.

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Car Parts.Com Reviews

Here are customer reviews for car

Top Positive Car Reviews

  • I ordered a bumper cover for my car

As of today, they promised to refund my payment for my bumper cover. They have been nice so far. I’m hoping they follow through and send my money back as soon as I send it. I didn’t think it was unreasonable that I had paid $115 and would only receive $23 in return; I was just looking for my money. But I appreciate that they acted decisively and resolved the issue. So thank you

  • Happy customer

In comparison to Napa and O’Reilly’s, the parts I ordered were WAY, WAY, WAY cheaper! I only use because I adore it. It is my go-to, and I highly recommend it! I’ve shown the price variations for each of my family members’ parts to my friends, and now they even use this site as their primary resource. I’ve never had a problem with the parts, and I’ve never had to send anything back. When I’ve ordered from them, I’ve always been over the moon!
Callie Yates

  • I could tell right away that the person…

The person I was dealing with was very knowledgeable, and I could tell right away that they wanted to make sure I got the right parts the first time. He was respectful and cordial. More businesses should operate this way.

  • Great customer service polite

courteous great customer service.
Because I knew what I was buying, the phone call was beneficial.
Good bargain on prices
realizing my goals.

  • Outstanding service and communication

Excellent customer service and communication.
Not only it was really easy to order from Carparts, they were also quick solving an issue we had with delivery (it wasn’t even Carparts fault but the delivery service’s)
I needed a side mirror for my Lincoln and didn’t want to pay a small fortune or wait for the dealership to fix it, so I ordered one online. It was high quality and fit my car just like the original, and it arrived quickly.
I wholeheartedly endorse them.

Car Parts.Com Reviews: All You Want to Know
Car Parts.Com Reviews: All You Want to Know

Top Negative Car Reviews

  • Same part ordered twice, still no hardware

This part has been ordered twice. I placed an order for a drivers-side mirror without a motor. My mistake, but the part was missing the screws. I installed the motorless screws on the back mirror after removing the hardware from the old plastic interior. Great. It worked. However, I reordered the same part, this time with the motor. Should have been an overnight, but wasn’t. Hardware is still lacking. The hardware was shown in a picture on the carports website. Still missing from the product and the delivery box. I expect to get what I order. The service is very good. Ford’s search for a part number was fruitless, and their pricing was outrageous. However, if it had the necessary hardware, it probably could have stayed here overnight.

  • Still haven’t got the part

Still haven’t got the part. Ordered a fuel pump for an 02 Chevy Venture. Paid for second day shipping ($20 extra), and the part was supposed to come Monday and here we are on Thursday and the part has been delayed again. I need a car and this is very unprofessional.

  • Lie cheat thief!!!!!

I tried to order a tail light for my BMW online and was offered a discount code. I attempted to copy and paste the discount code, but it appeared as a URL instead, making it clear that this was not their intention. Get your parts from us somewhere else, company to con, lie, cheat, and thief!

  • This company is garbage and their…

This company is garbage and their customer service lie and not helpful period.I ordered a $427 power steering pump for my car been waiting since 2/28/23 because it was delivered to some locker box wow a big mistake on their end didn’t replace my order nor refund my money I called my bank and filed a claim just to try and get my money back from this crooked company

  • This is my second and LAST time ordering from…

I’ve ordered from this website twice, most recently today. My original tail light had become damaged, so I first ordered a replacement. The one I received had a crack along the length of it. I did not notice till after I had already installed it. (I had no choice but to install because I had already gotten a ticket for my old busted one). Customer service refused to exchange or issue a refund. It had been raining, and the light had gone out, so I ordered another one. Anyway, I ordered another one, and that one also arrived cracked. Unacceptable. (Dealt with horrible shipping delays and problems, wanted to charge me 16$ to fix a mistyped shipping address)

Car Parts.Com Reviews: All You Want to Know
Car Parts.Com Reviews: All You Want to Know

Is CarParts Com a Real Site?

Formerly known as U.S. Vehicle Parts Network, Inc.) is an American online provider of aftermarket auto parts, including collision parts, engine parts, and performance parts and accessories. Sol Khazani and Mehran Nia founded the business in 1995; its main office is in Torrance, California.

Is CarParts COM Certified?

Absolutely! only partners with RepairPal certified shops that are evaluated by a team of automotive experts and technicians. Each store is subjected to a thorough inspection that looks at the caliber of their equipment, training, level of customer satisfaction, and pricing. How are retail establishments certified?

How Long Does CarParts Com Delivery Take?

Depending on the package’s size and where it will be delivered, shipping times may change. Small and medium-sized packages are typically delivered between 3 and 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after the date of shipment.

Ways to Spot a Fake Car Part

Here are some of the telltale signs of a counterfeit product, as fake auto parts are common.


Authentic spare parts are shipped with care and are packed in high-quality packaging, whereas fake products are typically shipped in cheap, flimsy packaging. Compare the packaging and look closely at the little details, such as the printing, the box’s material, its thickness, etc., to identify a fake.

Car Parts.Com Reviews All You Want to Know
Car Parts.Com Reviews: All You Want to Know

Serial Numbers Or Holograms

All OEM manufacturers mark their products with unique serial numbers or holograms that can be used to identify the original maker of a part. While a fake would have the serial numbers on a sticker, some OEM serial numbers may be printed directly on the box or on the spare part itself.


Look closely at the printing on both the package and the instructions. Take a close look at the part to see if there are any typos, grammatical mistakes, or misspellings. It may be a counterfeit.

Incomplete Instructions

Make sure the instruction manual for a spare part makes sense before you start reading it. A counterfeit spare part would usually have a missing step, a missing diagram, a confusing sentence, or even a wrong diagram.

Mismatched Parts

Compare the new part that you bought to the old part and look out for differences in color, weight, changes in dimension, etc. A minor distinction, such as mismatched fasteners, could also indicate a fake spare part.

Cheaper Price

Since they are of higher quality, genuine spare parts are typically more expensive. Therefore, the likelihood of a spare part being a fake is very high if it is sold to you for a very low price. Ask for the warranty information when you buy a spare part as the majority of genuine parts come with a warranty package.

Car Parts.Com Reviews All You Want to Know
Car Parts.Com Reviews: All You Want to Know


Why Are CarParts So Expensive?

Expensive materials, patented parts, and demand are all reasons car parts can be so expensive.

Is CarParts Com a Good Stock to Buy? has received a consensus rating of Buy.

Does CarParts Com Offer Returns? We accept authorized returns within 90 calendar days from the date the product was received by the buyer or original recipient unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase.

Summary: Car Parts.Com Reviews

The post focused on Car Parts.Com Reviews. There are positive and negative reviews. Positve Car Parts.Com Reviews: Car Parts.Com offers great service and communication. Negative Car Parts.Com Reviews: Car Parts.Com has problems on products delivery.

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