Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?

Hopper Car Rental

Exorbitant hotel, flight, and other transportation costs can discourage travelers from booking a trip. Are you going to need a vehicle? Fortunately, there are many apps available on the market that make it simple to find fantastic discounts.

One of these apps for finding travel deals is Hopper. Currently, Hopper provides car rentals! Android and iOS devices both support car rental reservations.

Discover all the features and booking procedures for the Hopper rental car, then book a vehicle and leave with just a tap of your phone. Keep reading, you will dig out more after reading our review.

What Is Hopper?

An app called Hopper helps users find the best rates on hotels and flights. You can reserve the lowest rate by using the application’s 95% accurate predictions of when flight and hotel rates will increase and decrease. To do this, algorithms and AI programming are employed.

This entails that you can enter the places you want to travel to as well as any dates you may have. The moment Hopper predicts the best rate will become available, it will let you know. You can directly book in the app if you’re interested in the flight cost or hotel rate.

With over 60 million downloads, the app appears to be incredibly well-liked. Additionally, Hopper has attracted the interest of numerous investors, raising more than $590M to date. Goldman Sachs and WestCap Group are two well-known financial institutions.

Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?
Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?

How Does Hopper Car Rental Work?

The reservation process will be quick and simple whether you use the Hopper car rental website or app. For car rentals, we advise using the Hopper app; it’s quick, convenient, and available wherever you are.

Take the following steps to book a Hopper rental car using an iOS or Android device.

  1. Click Cars after opening the app.
  2. Your pick-up location should be added.
  3. If the drop-off location is different from the pick-up location, uncheck the green box and type the new address.
  4. Decide on the times and dates for pickup and delivery.
  5. Enter the driver’s age.
  6. Add filters to narrow down the Hopper car rental options
  7. Choose the vehicle of your choice.
  8. Verify the time, date, location, and other details once more.
  9. The Swipe to Reserve button should be slid to confirm your Hopper reservation.
  10. Seek out the confirmation email or check the app to see the next trip.

Note: Hopper can’t promise a specific make, model, or color, but they can guarantee that you’ll get a car in the category you choose, such as an SUV, full-size, or luxury.

Picking Up Your Rental Car

Check what to pack and have prepared for the pickup location before you leave on your journey.

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Additional photo ID
  • Confirmation number
  • Acceptable form of payment, which is usually a credit card

Depending on the business, specific requirements may also include a requirement for address verification. To make sure you bring all required documentation, check the rental policy of the chosen company after making your reservation.

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Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?
Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?

How To Cancel Your Reservation On Hopper Car Rental?

You have no choice but to cancel and rebook because the majority of car rental companies don’t permit changes. Using the steps below, you can cancel a Hopper rental car reservation that has a free cancellation option through the app:

  1. Choose your reservation in the app.
  2. In the Trip Summary, scroll to the bottom.
  3. Cancel the trip.

You are unable to cancel a rental reservation made through the Hopper app if it is subject to a cancellation fee or has no refund at all. Instead, use the app to reach out to customer support and submit a support request; a representative will then give you more details. You can reach the main customer service department in Montreal by calling 514-276-0760.

Hopper CAR Rental Pros And Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Hopper Car Rental:

Pros Of Hopper Car Rental

  • 100% Free To Use

Hopper is always cost-free! There are no additional costs associated with using the app to access better rates or more flight and hotel deals. We used the app to conduct this Hopper review, and we encountered no such costs.

Naturally, you have to pay for any hotel, rental car, or flight you make using the app. When using the app to pay, a $5 tip is automatically added, but this is optional and simple to remove.

The app is always free to use, but you can purchase some extra features. Prices can be frozen, and travel refund protection can be purchased.

  • Can Save You 40% On Flights And Hotels

The Hopper app’s ability to help you save money is one of its best features. On airfare and hotel costs, users can anticipate savings of up to 40%. You’ll gain from savings if you rent a car.

  • Saves Time Searching For The Best Rates

The best prices will be displayed after you enter your travel dates and any other pertinent filters into Hopper. In addition to showing a variety of hotels, Hopper also shows flights from all airlines and rental cars from various lots. It efficiently compares costs without requiring you to examine each provider separately.

  • The Ability To Freeze Prices

There is no issue if you aren’t quite ready to book a fantastic deal you discover on Hopper. For a small fee, you can freeze prices using the app. This gives you a 20-day window to decide whether to take advantage of the price reduction you found.

You will pay the rate you frozen, regardless of whether the cost of the flight, hotel, or vehicle you’re interested in increases. You gain from the lower rate if the cost decreases. Your initial fee will count toward your payment for the service if you book the item you frozen, effectively making it free to do so.

Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?
Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?

Cons Of Hopper Car Rental

  • You Must Make All Changes To Bookings Via Hopper

You can only make changes through Hopper once you’ve made a flight, hotel, or rental car purchase. For instance, you can’t change your flight directly with the airline; instead, you must contact Hopper. Users find this to be frustrating, especially given that Hopper occasionally responds slowly to customer service inquiries.

  • You Can Only Book Transport On The App

Hopper’s website allows hotel bookings, but their mobile app is the only place to book flights or rental cars. While most people won’t have a problem with this, Hopper might not be appealing to those who prefer making reservations in-browser.

  • Some Users Have Issues With Booking And Customer Service

It appears from reading user feedback on Hopper that both customer service and bookings are causing problems for users. Cancellations and the use of inaccurate information are the main booking problems.

Users of Hopper who leave reviews on Trustpilot complain that contacting customer service is difficult. Others have reported that they paid for travel refund protection but were still unable to cancel their reservations, even though the incorrect information had been added.

Is The Hopper App Legit?

There is no denying that online booking tools have revolutionized how we travel. But with so many options online, picking the best one can be challenging. Hopper is unquestionably legitimate, and the business is based in both Boston and Montreal. That is the quick response to the question.

They have a solid reputation in the travel industry and have been highlighted in prominent publications like Forbes, Time, and The Huffington Post, so they are unquestionably a legitimate travel agency and not a swindling business.

So Hopper is one choice that undoubtedly merits further investigation when it comes to locating the best offers on flights, hotels, and rental cars.

Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?
Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?

Is Hopper Reliable?

With millions of satisfied customers, Hopper has been in operation since 2009 and is a recognized company. Using this reliable travel app, you can easily connect with other businesses like airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies. But some users complain that changing and canceling reservations is difficult.

Is Hopper Worth It?

So, does it make sense to use the Hopper app to reduce the cost of travel, lodging, and transportation? The answer to that question is debatable after using the app and studying customer reviews for this Hopper review.

Hopper has a Trustpilot rating of 3.4/5. The majority of these reviews fall into two categories: one-star “Bad” and five-star “Excellent.” Unfortunately, more than half (52%) of the reviews are given a “Bad” rating.”

Positive reviews are favorable of:

  • Highly discounted prices
  • The easy-to-use app
  • A helpful customer service team

Despite the fact that Hopper has many satisfied clients, many detractors note:

  • Difficulty contacting customer service
  • Issues occurring when making changes to bookings
  • Wrong details being added to bookings and reservations

The app is available for free, so there isn’t much to lose by giving it a shot. Hopper users, however, have encountered difficulties when attempting to modify reservations.

So if the price you want is available directly through the airline, hotel, or car rental company, it might be worthwhile to use Hopper to be notified of low prices. Most people who choose to book through Hopper have positive experiences, especially if no booking changes need to be made.

Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?
Hopper Car Rental Reviews 2023: Is It Good To Use?

Hopper Car Rental Customer Reviews

To get a clear response to the question, “Is Hopper app legitimate for car rentals?” we looked into customer testimonials.” question, but we didn’t get it. While the overall app reviews are enthusiastic, the Hopper car rental services have received mixed reviews. There appears to be no middle ground; the comments are either complimentary or disparaging. Nevertheless, we would give Hopper a shot because most reviews are positive in general.

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Who Owns Hopper?

CEO Frederic Lalonde founded and is the owner of Hopper. The North American entrepreneur previously worked at Expedia and founded other start-ups.

Is The Hopper App Cost-free?

If the app sounds interesting, you might be wondering: “How much does Hopper cost?” The app is entirely free to use, so the answer is no. Hopper also doesn’t feature in-app advertisements.

How Does Hopper Generate Revenue?

The commission system is how Hopper gets paid. The airline or hotel gives Hopper a small cut of the sale when you make a reservation through the app for a flight or hotel.

What Hidden Fees Does Hopper Have?

In our investigation of the terms and conditions for this review of the Hopper app, we discovered that Hopper has no additional costs. If you want to make a reservation, you simply pay the quoted flight or hotel rate.

Any booking, however, comes with a $5 gratuity included. If you do not want to include this tip, be sure to indicate as much when making your hotel or flight reservations.

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