How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost? All Explained

How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost All Explained

Not sure “how much does general liability insurance cost”? We will explain what factors affect general liability insurance premiums and how to save money on general liability insurance.

Your business operations, the policy limits, and other variables influence the price of general liability insurance. For this policy, small businesses pay about $42 a month.

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What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance (GLI, also known as commercial general liability insurance, is a vital component of your company’s security strategy. It assists in defending you against claims such as those for property damage or bodily harm that may arise during routine business operations.

What is the Average Cost of Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Insureon customers pay a median premium of $42 per month, or about $500 annually, for general liability insurance, regardless of policy limits. Due to the exclusion of extreme high and low premiums, the median cost provides a more accurate estimation of what your company will likely pay than the average cost of business insurance. Read more: Average Cost of Car Insurance

How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost All Explained
How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost? All Explained

What Factors Affect General Liability Insurance Premiums?

These four factors influence general liability insurance premiums the most:

  • Building size. Greater chances for accidents to occur are inherent in larger buildings. So if you operate in a larger facility with more foot traffic, you could pay more.
  • Location. Businesses that are located in high-crime areas may have to pay more for liability insurance.
  • Size of payroll and annual revenue. You can anticipate paying more for liability insurance if your operating or expense costs are higher.
  • Claims history. The cost of your insurance could go up if you’ve previously made general liability claims.
  • Policy details. Your business insurance cost is influenced by coverage limits, deductibles, and other policy specifics.

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General Liability Coverage Provides Affordable, Necessary Protection for Your Small Business

To guard against the potentially crippling costs of a lawsuit over property damage or bodily injury, general liability insurance is a necessity. An accident could happen to a customer at any establishment if they trip. Legal fees may rise to the point where they threaten to bankrupt your company if the visitor brings a lawsuit.

Even if no one from outside your company comes by, you could still be held responsible for any injuries or other harm caused. Businesses that run advertising campaigns or post on social media, for instance, may be subject to legal action if they publish content that doesn’t belong to them or make untrue statements about a rival.

When someone sues your business – even if it’s a frivolous lawsuit – you’ll have to pay legal defense costs, such as the cost of hiring an attorney. You might have to pay a large sum of money in a settlement or court-ordered judgment if you lose the case.

Commercial general liability insurance covers all of these costs, which could save your business from bankruptcy. Due to the fact that the premium is determined by your level of risk, small businesses and contractors typically only have to pay a small monthly premium for this insurance.

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Tips for Saving Money on General Liability Insurance

Combine your insurance policies. When purchasing multiple policies from the same insurance provider, businesses can occasionally find discounts. For instance, you may be eligible for a business owner’s policy if your company is regarded as low risk. A BOP offers a discounted combination of commercial property and general liability insurance.

Make a full upfront premium payment. Normally, you can pay the annual or monthly premium for your general liability insurance. Although it might be alluring to choose a lower monthly payment, think about paying the full premium. Since many insurers offer discounts for yearly premiums, businesses can typically save money this way. Full coverage car insurance is a great choice especially choosing car insurances.

Be proactive in risk management. Lower insurance costs are to be expected if your small business has a spotless claims record. Why is Car Insurance So Expensive? Making a detailed risk management plan is a practical way to accomplish this. For example, you might:

  • Develop a thorough training program for employees
  • Invest in a security system
  • Compile rules for posting to social media
  • Create procedure checklists and reviews
  • Minimize hazards on your premises
How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost All Explained
How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost? All Explained

What Doesn’t Liability Insurance Cover?

Although not all types of liability claims, general liability insurance generally does. You’ll need to get other types of business insurance to give your company extensive coverage. A general liability policy won’t help your business if:

  • A worker becomes ill or injured while working. You’ll need workers’ compensation insurance to help cover this kind of claim.
  • A customer sues your business for making a mistake in your professional services. You’ll need to get professional liability insurance, which can help pay your legal defense costs. You may want to know: How Long Does It Take to Get Car Insurance?
  • When making a delivery to a customer in a company-owned vehicle, you are involved in a car accident. A commercial auto insurance policy can help cover third-party property damage from the accident. Check for How to Get Car Insurance Before Buying a Car?
  • The building that your company owns suffers damage from a fire. Commercial property insurance can help cover your repair costs. Check for What Age Does Car Insurance Go Down?

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How is a General Liability Insurance Premium Calculated?

Your company’s insurance costs depend on a number of factors. From the number of employees you have and your claims history to the type of business you operate, different factors can affect your general liability insurance premium. When determining costs, insurers take into account these variables and then use their own formulas. Explore the answer:How Much is Car Insurance for a 16-year-old, Average Cost of Car Insurance for 18-Year-Olds

How Much is a $1 Million General Liability Insurance Policy?

Because every business is different, there’s not a simple answer to how much does $1 million liability insurance cost. What your business pays for a policy with $1 million or $2 million general aggregate limits can be different compared to other companies.

How Much is General Liability Per Year?

Businesses pay different amounts each year for general liability insurance due to variable premium costs. Businesses typically spend between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars annually. The typical annual expense is $1,057.* The best way to find out how much general liability insurance will cost your business is to get a quote.

What Do Small Businesses Pay for General Liability Insurance?

The average annual cost of general liability insurance is $340, but it can be as high as $600. If your business is small and low-risk, you may be eligible for a business owner’s policy (BOP), which combines general liability insurance and commercial property insurance at a discount.

Summary: How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost?

The cost of general liability insurance varies based on your business operations and policy limits, among other factors. The monthly cost of this policy for small businesses is about $42.

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