How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips

Repair Headliner

How to repair headliner in a car? Owning a car is fantastic and exciting. Throughout their lifetime, cars go through a lot of changes. Not only can a sagging headliner make you feel a little panicky, but it also looks bad on both you and your car.

For a number of reasons, including the impact time has on the vehicle, the headliner may sag. How to repair the headliner in the car? For instance, you could fix it with glue or sequin pins. While some people use carpenter’s tape, others turn to staples and hairspray.

If you have the right information, you can quickly solve this issue. In this guide, we look at all the simplest ways to fix the headliner. Fortunately, you don’t have to take it off to make sure it’s safe.

What Is A Car Headliner?

Fabric fastened to the roof framing is known as a headliner or headlining. In addition to absorbing noises and maintaining a comfortable interior temperature by insulating against outside heat and cold, it gives the car’s roof a smooth texture.

The fabric may become slack and separate from the backing board over time and as a result of severe weather. This problem is referred to as a “sagging headliner,” which you occasionally have to fix because it gets in the way.

Why Should We Repair A Car Headliner?

The car lining eventually becomes slack and separates from the backing board. This procedure is known as sagging.

When a car’s roof lining fails, in extreme cases it either sags or falls off the board.

The sagging could result from:

  • Extreme heat
  • Extreme humidity
  • Poor maintenance
  • Old age

Your car is in danger if it has a sunroof. They might let moisture into the car’s roof. Despite the vehicle’s age, doing this causes the lining to sag faster.

The strategies we’ll outline below have been successfully used to solve similar issues.

How To Repair Headliner In A Car?

How to repair headliner in a car? Here are some effective tips:


How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips
How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips

You can use glue to secure the sagging headliner to the vehicle’s roof lining. This is the quickest and easiest way to repair a car headliner, and it will quickly relieve your stress. Although the glue quickly sticks the sagging headliner back in place, it also works well in hot and humid climates. Glue continues to work well over time, and the results will satisfy you. The headliner won’t sag completely at once, but it might initially begin to sag along the edges. This is the best repair time to use the glue to solve this problem.

While applying the headliner adhesive, it is better to use a spray bottle. This is so that the adhesive will be distributed evenly, giving you better results on the hanging headliner. To address this issue, some people favor the use of hot glue. If the issue is minor and localized, you can however hold the headliner with regular glue.

Alternatively, you could remove the headliner along with the entire headliner board from the car’s roof and fix it outside the vehicle. A proper fix is better even though a quick fix is always preferred. Next, make room for the new glue by removing the old glue and headliner from the entire car. As soon as you’re finished, you want a smooth texture. And finally, you want the interior of your car to be tidy.

Keep in mind the basic rule of using glue and cleaning the headliner before adhering to it. If you don’t want to leave any dust behind, use the best microfiber towels for detailing. The headliner starts getting loose where the headliner board meets the board. You’ll save a ton of time and money if you pay attention to these details.


How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips
How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips

A sagging headliner may be fixed quickly by using pins. As simple as pinning the paper to a bulletin board, you can fix the sagging headliner. Numerous pin types, such as twist pins, thumbtacks, and sequin pins, are acceptable. All of those pins are efficient and perform in a largely consistent manner.

The car roof lining can be fixed in a larger area with clear-headed twist pins. The headliner can quickly begin to come off over a sizable area once it begins to sag. Therefore, if you are pressed for time and need to move quickly, the pins can fix a sagging headliner. The pins are renowned for their effectiveness and are also known as saggy stoppers. The pins are also inexpensive and widely accessible in the market.

The benefit of using twist pins is that thanks to their corkscrew design, they won’t leave any holes in the car roof lining, making them perfect for larger spaces with sagging headliners. These specialized upholstery pins are the most convenient way to fix a sagging headliner because they make the job quick and simple without ruining the appearance of your car’s interior.

Double-sided Tape

How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips
How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips

This technique is used to fix partially sagged headliners. You should reinstall the headliner as soon as you can because it usually starts coming off around the rearview mirror or door area. The headliner can be held in place for months thanks to the double-sided tape’s special ability to adhere to both surfaces. The technique can keep you going while you decide what to do next, even though it is only a temporary headliner repair.

Stapler Gun And Hair Spray

How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips
How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips

Whoever invented this method is brilliant, but I don’t want to speculate. They were probably about to leave their office, which was unfortunate. The headliner can be stapled with a stapler, but it won’t hold up for very long. The use of hair spray is now necessary. The headliner should be hairspray after being stapled, and then it should be allowed to dry on the roof lining. You can remove the staple after the headliner has dried because they do not look good and will fall off sooner anyhow.

You should take into account your hair spray’s scent because it could end up being the new fragrance in your car.

You should try to avoid the situation if at all possible, even though these solutions will be useful for quickly fixing the sagging headliner. So, here are some strategies to stop the headliner from drooping.

Steam Cleaner And Paint Roller Combo

How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips
How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips

Glue is used to affix the headliner fabric material to the headliner board. By using a steam cleaner and paint roller combination, you can make use of the existing glue without purchasing new fabric and glue. If you already own these tools, your repair will be free of charge, possibly with the exception of the time, it takes to carry it out.

High temperatures cause the adhesive holding the headliner to the foam backing board to melt. Therefore, you can use the steam cleaner to melt the glue and the paint roller directly behind the steam cleaner to assist in pressing the headliner fabric to the backing board. It is fairly easy to execute this method. This technique has worked well, and a small steam cleaner will work just fine.

Because the technique could potentially harm the material if used frequently, car owners are dubious. The technique might also be less effective if the adhesive holding the headliner and the roof lining together has become too dry. This technique might pass for a quick fix, but it can work if the glue is still fairly new.

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Cost To Replace A Car Headliner

There may be a need to replace the headliner if the suggested fixes fail. Occasionally, the price to replace a headliner ranges from $200 to $500, depending on the kind of car you drive and where you live.

You might not want to invest the money, though, if your car is old and not worth much. Alternatively, you could take the headliner off and drive without it.

How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips
How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips

How To Protect Your Car From Extreme Heat?

The primary factor in a vehicle’s interior lining sagging is extreme heat. As the glue dissolves, the fabric becomes loose and separates from the backing board.

Therefore, you must exercise due caution. The interior and exterior finishes of your car will suffer if the heat is not controlled.

Here are some straightforward recommendations you can use:

Always Park Your Car In The Shade

By doing this, you shield your car from the sun. The result is that neither the exterior nor the interior dries out or cracks.

Always Use A Windshield Sun Protector

It helps to prevent sun damage and keeps the interior of your car cool.

Install Seat Covers

They are a fantastic way to safeguard the fabric and leather seats. Also, these covers help keep the car seats fresh.

How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips
How To Repair Headliner In A Car? Easy Steps And Tips

Wax Your Car Frequently

This will be simple if you are familiar with car waxing. You will need repairs less frequently if the wax is the first layer before you reach the car headliner. The additional layer serves as sunscreen for your car headliner and shields it from UV rays. You’ll soon stop having to fix car headliners.

Wash And Dry Your Exterior And Interior Often

The paint on your car can gradually deteriorate and crack from the sun and heat. To get rid of dirt and dust, wash frequently and hand dry. Your vehicle’s finish is shielded by doing this.

The interior of the car should also be kept spotless at all times. Some particles are kept from melting thanks to it.

This guide will go over how to wash a car at home and some frequently asked questions about best practices for washing cars in order to assist you in keeping your car clean.


How to repair headliner in a car? Owners of automobiles have a lot of maintenance to do, and dealing with substantial components like a paint job or an entire headliner is frequently frustrating. Developing good habits that stop the headliner from sagging in the first place is the best course of action.

As a result, just like the body and wheels, you should give it plenty of thought and care. The roof lining will eventually wear out and sag, though.

If the damage is severe, replacing the entire headliner is the best option for the car. The headliner can be saved, though, if a flaw is discovered in time.

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