Junk My Car Reviews in 2022: Does it Really Work?

Junk My Car

When it comes to selling your car, Junk My Car promises to make it simple for you if you’re getting impatient with the procedure.

Junk My Car is renowned for being dependable, quick, and attentive to its clients. It quickly answers quote requests and is quick to schedule the pick-up with its free towing service.

Should you use a service like Junk My Car if you can’t sell your car for top dollar for whatever reason and don’t know how to deal with junkyards and towing companies? You will learn the answer if you continue reading our entire review!

Key Features of Junk My Car

  • Available nationwide; In every state, there are numerous service locations for Junk My Car, which is accessible nationwide. In order to tow, inspect, and pay for vehicles, the company works with a number of carriers. Every state has a main Junk My Car service location, and there are also numerous smaller ones spread across the country.
  • Instant offers: As soon as you finish the online listing, Junk My Car evaluates your vehicle and sends you an offer.
  • Free Towing: if you accept their quoted offer, they arrange for a towing service to come and inspect your car.
  • One-the-spot payment: the carrier pays you on the spot once they’ve confirmed the car is as advertised.

Pros and Cons


  • Requesting a quote is free
  • You get an instant offer from them and don’t have to bother with the transactions, negotiations, and looking for the right buyer
  • Towing your car is completely free
  • You receive cash when the tow truck arrives at the location and after the Junk My Car staff inspect your vehicle to check if everything corresponds with what you have declared


  • Certain Junk My Car-affiliated carriers fail to pay the agreed-upon sum. It might happen even if all conditions are met
  • The quality of service might vary, depending on the third parties involved

How Does Junk My Car Work?

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Connecticut, USA, Junk My Car is a car selling platform that targets owners of junk or damaged cars. Throughout the US and Canada, it is renowned for providing selling prices that are competitive.

Junk My Car allows you to;

  • Enter the necessary details about your car.
  • You can choose to accept or reject Junk My Car’s offer.
  • After accepting the proposal, arrange for pick up within 24 hours.
  • Make an appointment for your car to be inspected to verify its conditions.
  • After selling your car, get paid right away.

Who is Junk My Car Best For?

People who want to sell damaged cars or car parts to make money should use Junk My Car. The best place to trade in cars is also for those looking for a legitimate and trustworthy location.

How Much Can You Get for Your Car With Junk My Car?

Your car’s make, model, age, and present state all play a role in how much money you can get for your broken, junk, or damaged vehicle.

Junk My Car
Car ModelMoney Paid
2022 Impreza Sedan with collision and mechanical damage$17,185
A broken 2018 Kia Sportage LX$32,734
2019 Fusion Titanium with mechanical and electrical damage$29,456
A damaged 2020 Jeep Cherokee Limited$29,456

How to Sell Your Car to Junk My Car?

  • Submit car information; visit the Visit the Junk My Car website and fill out the appropriate forms regarding your vehicle. Include details about the vehicle’s make or model as well as the license plate number, VIN, and make.
  • Receive an offer; after entering all the details, The system that Junk My Car has developed determines the value of your vehicle and provides you with an instant offer. The offer is up for consideration for five days, during which you must decide what is best for you.
  • Schedule pick up; if you accept the offer, you will need to schedule a pick up of the vehicle. You’ll receive a call from a Junk My Car driver who will come to a predetermined location to pick up the vehicle.
  • Get paid; you will be paid on the spot via check when the A representative from Junk My Car arrives to collect the vehicle. The signed title and the car keys must be turned over by you as the owner of the vehicle, along with granting access.

Things We Like

We appreciate that they remain a member of the Better Business Bureau even after all this time. We also appreciate how quick and easy it is to get a free, no-obligation estimate of your car’s value in about 20 seconds.

We also like that they can make an offer after only asking the most basic questions. They are very accustomed to working with junkers and only have a few queries that could cause their offer to be reduced in price.

They want to know whether the tires are inflated, whether the car can be driven, whether all of the body panels are present, whether there are any significant dents, whether the glass is still in place, and whether there have been any flood or fire damages. They also want to know if everything is inside the car. Pretty basic stuff, all of which can be answered with a simple yes or no, with no hesitation or murky areas in between.

They are significantly less than Kelly Blue Book value, but when you sell your car to someone else as something they can drive and use every day, things change. It seems that Junk My Car makes the assumption that your car is essentially unsalable and that all you want is to get it out of your hair and get enough money to feel like you weren’t taken advantage of.

Things We Don’t Like

It’s almost too sleek, Junk My Car. They resemble junk car sales mixed with Web 2.0. They seem to have this down to a science and to have done it before.

Having someone come in and take care of your problem the same day seems almost suspicious in comparison to how frustrating it is to sell your car on your own, especially when it has flaws that you hope the buyer won’t discover.

is Junk My Car Legit?

A trustworthy and secure free car listing website is Junk My Car. It has a Trustpilot rating of 4.3 and a Yelp rating of 2.5.

The majority of sellers emphasized the platform’s quick service delivery, simple scheduling and transaction processes, and competitive vehicle quotes. The turnaround and pick up times of the business are popular with other sellers as well. Others claimed that it was simple to list cars on the website.

Regarding complaints, some sellers criticized the way some Junk My Car agents handled money, transactions, and pickups. Overall, Junk My Car is a reliable and trustworthy website.

Junk My Car Competitiors

3 strong competitors are listed below:

Junk My Car Vs. Wheelzy

Like Junk My Car, Wheelzy also offers free towing and pick up services after the deal is finalized. Compared to Junk My Car’s 10 minute quote generation time, Wheelzy generates your quote instantly and within 5 minutes.

Additionally, both platforms offer a 24-hour turnaround time. Wheelzy provides free services to customers, just like Junk My Car does. You can make money by selling your car through the platforms of Junk My Car and Wheelzy, which are trustworthy and legal car-selling websites.

Junk My Car Vs. EBay Motors

While Junk My Car services are free of charge, eBay Motors charges a $19 to $79 listings fee + 2.35% on the sale portion over $7,500. When it comes to turnaround, eBay Motors requires 48 hours while Junk My Car requires 24 hours.

eBay Motors is a website that specializes in selling cars and car parts, much like Junk My Car. Additionally, both platforms make it simple and quick to access their websites. Vehicles of any condition are purchased by eBay Motors and Junk My Car.

Junk My Car Vs. Auto Wranglers

Junk My Car and Auto Wranglers are legitimate and safe car selling websites that offer sellers competitive deals. Auto Wranglers also buys cars in any condition, much like Junk My Car. Both platforms offer free registration and use.

The turnaround time for Auto Wrangler is 24 to 48 hours, compared to 24 hours for Junk My Car. Auto Wranglers has helpful and trustworthy customer support staff, just like Junk My Car.

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What is Junk My Car?

The main goal of Junk My Car is to provide easy, quick, and straightforward online car selling services. The business brings in $6.3 million a year and receives 211,000 website visitors on average each month.

Where is Peddle & Junk My Car?

Los Angeles, California is the location of Peddle & Junk My Car.

What Types of Vehicles Does Junk My Car Purchase?

To Junk My Car, you can sell any vehicle. It buys wrecked or broken cars in any condition, including those with mechanical, physical, or electrical damage. Sports cars to luxury vehicles are all purchased by Junk My Car.

How Fast Can You Sell Your Car With Junk My Car?

Junk My Car makes selling your car quick, easy, and convenient. Your online application is reviewed by the business after you submit it, and you are contacted right away with an offer. Within 24 hours of your acceptance of the offer, Junk My Car will pay you and remove your car.

How Much Does Selling a Car on Junk My Car Cost?

All services provided by Junk My Car are free.

Where is Junk My Car Available?

Residents of North America can use Junk My Car.

Can I Use Junk My Car on Mobile?

Junk My doesn’t currently have a mobile app.

Final Verdict: Is It Worth Selling Car With Junk My Car?

You can sell your damaged, junk, or broken car on Junk My Car and make money doing so. The site is reliable and safe. Within 24 hours of accepting the offer, you will receive payment via check.

The pick-up and towing services provided by Junk My Car are also free of charge. Within 10 minutes, you’ll get your quote, and you’ll have five days to accept, reject, or accept the offer.

With that said, it should be noted that Junk My Car is a trustworthy online platform for selling vehicles.

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