Ship A Car Direct Reviews 2022: A Good Car Shipping Company?

Ship A Car Direct

We’ve gathered a complete review of Ship A Car Direct‘s services, pros & cons, and shipping costs to help you determine if Ship A Car Direct is the best car shipping company for your car.

Ship A Car Direct is a car transport broker called Ship A Car Direct that connects customers with one of its pre-screened car carriers and responds to any inquiries that clients may have about moving a car.

Any size of vehicle can be transported by the company, which offers open and enclosed transport options. Keep reading to learn more about this auto shipping company.

What is Ship A Car Direct?

Auto transport broker Ship A Car Direct connects customers with auto carriers. Door-to-door shipping is available from Ship A Car Direct, along with free estimates.

To get a rough estimate, you don’t need to give us your contact information, but for detailed estimates, we need more details. Prices change depending on the distance, type of vehicle, and season.

Pros & Cons


  • Thorough carrier vetting
  • Additional insurance packaged with service
  • Affordable rates
  • Affordable pricing
  • No upfront deposit
  • Vets carriers for credentials and safe transport


  • Website isn’t user-friendly
  • Quote calculator gives estimated range
  • Doesn’t guarantee delivery dates (can be a few days early or late)

Is Ship A Car Direct Legit?

Yes, Ship A Car Direct is a reputable company that ships cars. Since 2008, Ship a Car Direct has provided auto shipping services. Honesty First Auto Transport was the initial name of the Los Angeles-based business before being changed to Ship a Car Direct in 2011. Today, every state (as well as Washington, D.C.) is serviced by the business’s door-to-door shipping services.) except Alaska.

Ship A Car Direct

Ship a Car Direct works with customers and specific carriers to find solutions that benefit both parties even though it is not a direct provider of car shipping services. In comparison to some brokers, the business goes a step further by offering to pay your deductible on your auto insurance in the event that your car is damaged during shipping.

Ship A Car Direct Cost

Depending on a number of factors, moving a sedan across several states will cost between $400 and $700, and a cross-country trip will cost between $900 and $1,300. The company charges up to 50% more for enclosed-carrier shipping, which helps protect priceless or antique cars. Utilize the quote estimator on the business’ website to get a more precise idea of the cost to move your car. Call and speak to an agent for a precise quote. There are no up-front costs when using Ship A Car Direct.

Another $500 in damage insurance is available from Ship A Car Direct. As a result, Ship A Car Direct will pay up to $500 of the damage if a carrier damages your car and their insurance is unable or unwilling to pay.

Ship A Car Direct Transport Options

You can adjust your auto transport to meet your needs when you use Ship A Car Direct. Using the pickup and drop-off method is the lone exception. Only door-to-door shipping is provided by Ship A Car Direct; terminal-to-terminal shipping is not available.

  • Enclosed shipping: Choose enclosed shipping if you want your car to receive additional protection while being transported. This implies that your car is enclosed in a container for protection from the weather. The standard shipping method, open shipping, is less expensive but provides less security.
  • Door-to-door shipping: Ship A Car Direct always makes door-to-door deliveries, which means it will pick up your car from your house and deliver it right to its destination. It does not provide terminal-to-terminal shipping, in which a carrier picks up your vehicle at one terminal close to your location and delivers it to another one close to your final destination.
  • Cross-country shipping: The United States is covered by the service provided by Ship A Car Direct. (except Alaska), so you can cross-country move your car if necessary. You can anticipate this to take one to two weeks.
  • Interstate shipping: Expect it to take four days to a week to move your car across several states.
  • Expedited shipping: Ship A Car Direct can handle it if you suddenly need to ship a car. Just be aware that it is more expensive than a move that is planned further in advance.

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Factors That Affect Car Shipping Costs

  • Distance: However, it’s not always the most crucial element in your quote. Distance does affect pricing.
  • Vehicle size and weight: The size and weight of your car are two other important factors that greatly influence how much it will cost to ship it. The carrier can carry up to 80,000 pounds. More weight is placed on the carrier by bigger trucks and some SUVs. Owning a custom car that is longer than usual may necessitate more space, which will increase the cost of shipping your car.
  • Vehicle’s operational condition: It takes longer to load inoperable vehicles onto carriers, which adds to the workload.
  • Your location: As mentioned earlier, if the carrier picks up or delivers your vehicle to a major city like Los Angeles, California rather than a rural or remote area, you’ll probably pay less for your car shipment.
  • Time of year: Major holidays, the summer, and adverse weather conditions, such as hurricane season or when there is snow and ice on the ground, will all result in higher shipping costs for vehicles.

What Are Customers Saying?

Below we list some positive and negative reviews from customers.

Positive Ship A Car Direct Reviews

Online, we were able to find a majority of positive Ship a Car Direct reviews. Customers frequently praised the reviews’ professional service and simple shipping process.

“a top-notch business with knowledgeable staff who promptly communicate and guide the process They have an app that makes it simple to track your car delivery.”

“Have to say that myself and my family are very pleased with the service and professionalism of Ship a Car Direct. based on the quote provided, the contact person who followed up, the order placement with a transport agent, and the pick-up and delivery schedule.”

Ship A Car Direct Complaints

Not all of the reviews we read about Ship a Car Direct’s service were positive, despite the majority of them coming from customers who were pleased. Communication problems and confusions with specific carriers were mentioned in unfavorable reviews of the business.

“We agreed to pick up the car no earlier than July 24 when we signed the contract several weeks in advance. We got a call at night on July 22 from TransAuto, the carrier that Ship a Car Direct selected, demanding to pick up the car at 8 am the following morning.”

“On the day of delivery, the driver called us at 9:15 AM and informed us that he would deliver our car in the afternoon and would call an hour beforehand to inform us of the location. We called the driver and inquired about the location of our car six hours later.”

Is Ship A Car Direct Right for You?

Despite not being the most affordable auto transporter, Ship A Car Direct has great rates. Additionally, the business is praised for its outstanding customer service in a number of positive customer reviews.

Although the company doesn’t have the most affordable prices, the rates are still reasonable. As long as you don’t need a vehicle shipped to or from Alaska, North Dakota or South Dakota, Your needs for auto transport may be well suited by Ship A Direct.

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Ship A Car Direct FAQs

Can You Track a Car Being Shipped?

Some businesses do not provide GPS tracking. However, just like in the case of Ship a Car Direct, brokers give customers the carrier’s phone number as soon as the reservation is approved. Businesses frequently intervene to give you an update on your vehicle if you call the carrier and they don’t respond.

What is the Cheapest Transport Company to Ship Your Car?

The most affordable auto transport rate is currently provided by Amerifreight. They charge an average of $900 for shipping a vehicle in an open carrier.

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted at Ship A Car Direct?

Credit cards are accepted at Ship a Car Direct.

Final Verdict on Ship A Car Direct

The Better Business Bureau has awarded Ship a Car Direct an A+ rating, and the company has received many positive reviews that highlight how friendly and accommodating its customer service staff are.

We recommend Ship A Car Direct because of the company’s overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and because it gives you an idea of how much it will cost to ship a car without requesting your contact information.

It’s uncommon for auto shippers to offer that feature. Another notable aspect of it is its door-to-door shipping and damage-free guarantee.

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