Suzuki is Developing An All-electric Jimny for Europe, It Has Been Confirmed!

Suzuki is Developing An All-electric Jimny for Europe, It Has Been Confirmed!

Suzuki has just revealed that an all-electric Jimny is in the works, so we hope you’re all seated. Hurrah!

Yes, the Japanese company may have only recently unveiled its first electric concept car, the eVX, which is shown in the picture at the bottom of this page, but in a recent “Growth Strategy” briefing document, we can clearly make out the Jimny’s silhouette under the heading “battery EV lineup.” Is there a more certain way to confirm something?

That is basically all the information we currently have, but we are confident that an electric Jimny could surpass the 100 horsepower produced by the standard car’s naturally aspirated four-pot engine. As the current combustion 4×4 is only available in Jimny Commercial-spec due to CO2 regulations, it would also be able to be sold on our soil.

No information has been released regarding whether the electric Jimny will be the first EV Suzuki introduces in this country, but we do know to anticipate at least one model in 2024 and then four others after that. Is there an EV the size of a small kei car hiding in the shadows? Yes please, Suzuki.

We are also informed that by 2030 Suzuki anticipates selling 80% EVs and 20% hybrids in Europe. The company isn’t quite betting everything on electric, though. “To provide a full range of products and services, Suzuki will provide not only battery EVs but also carbon neutral internal combustion engine vehicles that use CNG, biogas, and ethanol mixed fuels,” says the briefing document.

Been anticipating a Jimny EV?


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