11 Best Car Battery Charger in 2022: Top Picks & Reviews

Car Battery Charger

We are providing you with the top car battery chargers that are currently on the market for your convenience.

Car batteries can lose their charge due to weather, aging, or even just because the lights were left on. With these, you can start your car and get it moving again.

For you to get back on the road, we have gathered a list of our top picks for the best car battery chargers.

If used correctly, a good charger can lengthen the life of a car battery. Sulfation, a process where lead sulfate crystals accumulate on a battery’s surface and render it inoperable, can be avoided by keeping your battery regularly charged. Find one of the best jump starters if you need something to jumpstart a dead battery.

Best Car Battery Charger: Top Picks

  • 1. Schumacher Fully Automatic Battery Charger
  • 2. NEXPEAK 10-Amp Car Battery Charger
  • 3. TowerTop Smart Battery Charger
  • 4. SUHU Car Battery Charger
  • 5. ABLY Car Battery Charger
  • 6. CTEK – Fully Automatic Battery Charger
  • 7. Outerman Car Battery Charger
  • 8. Ampeak Smart
  • 9. NOCO GENIUS10 Charger
  • 10. BILT HARD Wheeled Battery Charger
  • 11. Optima Digital 400 AGM Charger

Best Car Battery Charger Reviews

1. Schumacher Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Schumacher Fully Automatic Battery Charger

When it comes to automotive accessories, such as car batteries, jump starters, and even car battery chargers, Schumacher is a very well-known brand. Consequently, the following Schumacher car battery charger is where we start our list.

We have the Schumacher SC1280 in first place. This is a fully automatic car battery charger that can charge both 6 and 12 volt car batteries, making it a better option than the majority of other low-cost models on the market. Your car battery can be charged fairly quickly with the 15 amp rapid charge mode. Additionally, it can operate at the 3 amps required to maintain both marine and automotive batteries.

The Schumacher SC1280 contains a microprocessor that supports multi-stage charging and provides automatic adjustments for the amperage setting. As a result, you can be confident that the Schumacher SC1280 can prolong the lifespan of your car’s battery while safely charging it. To make the Schumacher SC1280 more informative, it also has a digital display with LED indicators on the front. Additionally, for ease of use, button controls are offered on the front.


  • One of the best options for a budget car battery charger
  • Digital display with microprocessor controller charging
  • Fully automatic smart battery charger


  • Warranty period should have been longer

2. NEXPEAK 10-Amp Car Battery Charger

NEXPEAK 10-Amp Car Battery Charger

Another less expensive charger option from NEXPEAK that can deliver excellent performance for the majority of car battery types is now available. In fact, on this list, it is possibly the most affordable choice.

The NEXPEAK Car Battery Charger is undoubtedly a car battery charger that provides many excellent features at such a low cost. The NEXPEAK Car Battery Charger is the least expensive option on this list, but it still offers a fully automatic charging mode, smart functionality, and a dedicated digital display to monitor the battery parameters. Furthermore, this charger offers a rapid charging mode for typical 12 volt batteries and supports charging at a rate of 10 amps at 12 volts.

In order to protect you while using the charger, the NEXPEAK Car Battery Charger has 8 levels of protection. It includes defenses against a wide range of electrical anomalies, including overheating, reverse polarity, overcurrent, fire risks, and many others. As a result, it is unquestionably a safer option for the battery in your car. It also has the well-known pulsar repair feature, which can assess the battery’s health and, if required, use a desulfation technique. Since there are no calibrations required, using this charger is also quite straightforward. All you need to do is plug your battery into the device and wait for the charger to take care of the maintenance.


  • Plug-and-play type performance
  • 8-stage charging protection
  • Offers quick charge at 10 amps


  • Charging amperage is limited to 5 amps at 24 volts

3. TowerTop Smart Battery Charger

TowerTop Smart Battery Charger

Many companies, including TowerTop, provide a respectable choice for a car battery charger in the high price range. However, few of these choices are as adaptable as the one offered here.

The TowerTop Smart Battery Charger is positioned in position two. This is a top-of-the-line car battery charger with a ton of great features, as we’ve already mentioned. It provides a multi-amp rating starting at 2 amps and going up to 25 amps. If your battery is compatible with rapid charging, you should have no trouble using this battery charger. And whether a gel, AGM, or STD battery, this car battery charger is appropriate for all 12-volt lead-acid battery types.

A 7-step charging process is used by the TowerTop Smart Battery Charger to perfectly secure your battery while it is being charged. Additionally, it supports desulfation, soft starting, reconditioning, and numerous other charging modes that are necessary to charge older batteries. With the TowerTop Smart Battery Charger’s engine start aid feature, your battery can go from dead to ready to go in just 120 seconds. Since this is also a smart battery charger, it can determine the voltage of the connected battery and choose the best charging mode for your battery.


  • Offers a high amperage rating
  • Detects the connected battery type automatically
  • Engine start aid feature to start a vehicle within 120 seconds


  • The warranty period is only 1 year long

4. SUHU Car Battery Charger

SUHU Car Battery Charger

Now that you are aware of what we have to offer in the premium category, let’s look at some affordable choices for a car battery charger. The most cost-effective solution for that comes from SUHU, which is mentioned here.

On our list of the top car chargers available right now, the SUHU Car Battery Charger is among the least expensive options. However, this is still a fully automatic car battery charger with smart functionality, which is hard to find at this price range. While the amperage rating for 24 volt batteries is set to 4 amps, it can operate at 8 amps with a standard 12 volt battery. The SUHU Car Battery Charger is compatible with AGM, GEL, SLA, and Flooded car batteries, so compatibility is probably not a problem.

Additionally, the SUHU Car Battery Charger provides an automated desulfation and acid stratification detection, letting you know whether or not your battery requires those services. If necessary, you can complete these tasks with a single button press, and the charger will handle the rest. The SUHU Car Battery Charger has a built-in microprocessor that uses a pre-programmed algorithm to monitor the charging process. In accordance with the battery’s requirements, it can also modify the charging current.


  • One of the most affordable options for a car battery charger
  • Compatible with most automotive battery-types
  • Compact LCD display to check the status of the battery


  • Short warranty period

5. ABLY Car Battery Charger

ABLY Car Battery Charger

On our list of excellent cheap car battery chargers, ABLY is also contributing. Additionally, it is a flexible choice made to work with both heavier batteries with higher voltage needs and standard automotive batteries.

Similar to the earlier option, the ABLY Car Battery Charger is also a less expensive choice on this list. This charger can be used with batteries that are 12 volts or 24 volts. However, the amperage ratings for these two options are 8 and 4 respectively. The charging current and voltage are automatically controlled and maintained by an intelligent built-in CPU. Additionally, it aids in maintaining the battery temperature at safe levels.

The AGM, EFB, MF, Flooded, SLA, and even VRLA car batteries are supported by the ABLY Car Battery Charger, which also offers a broad range of compatibility. The ABLY Car Battery Charger has a special pulse repair feature that can fix batteries with minor damage and remove vulcanization. After using this charger to treat your battery, you can anticipate improved battery performance and quicker engine starts.


  • One of the most affordable options for a car battery charger
  • Fully automatic car battery charger with an LCD display
  • Built-in pulsar repair mode to remove vulcanization


  • Comparatively shorter warranty period

6. CTEK – Fully Automatic Battery Charger

CTEK – Fully Automatic Battery Charger

While we are talking about high-end car battery chargers, we must introduce you to the CTEK product below. CTEK specializes in a wide range of automobile accessories, particularly those that are necessary and useful in an emergency.

From the top tier of car battery chargers on our list, the CTEK – 40-206 MXS is yet another excellent choice. This is a fantastic option for standard 12 volt car batteries as it is based on technology used by almost 40 automobile manufacturers worldwide. The CTEK – 40-206 MXS has an integrated voltage and temperature compensator that can guarantee a reliable charging performance in all weather conditions and prevent overheating of the battery.

In addition, this charger can assess whether your battery needs desulfation or reconditioning and use the appropriate technique to restore it to its ideal condition. On the CTEK – 40-206 MXS, an exclusive charging mode for AGM batteries is available, complete with predetermined float voltages and stage timings to provide an ideal charging rate for these batteries. The CTEK – 40-206 MXS is entirely dust- and splash-proof from the outside. For reverse polarity, short circuits, and sparks, there are additionally added safety features.


  • Most reliable option for a car battery charger
  • Comparatively most compact option for a car battery charger
  • Can charge the battery without disconnecting it from the car


  • Amperage rating is too low for the price

7. Outerman Car Battery Charger

Outerman Car Battery Charger

Outerman is the manufacturer of our final best car battery charger selection. Outerman is a company that offers a variety of goods, from car accessories to home and kitchen appliances, in contrast to many other brands that have already been mentioned.

Another adaptable car charger on our list, the Outerman Car Battery Charger works with both 12 and 24 volt car batteries. In addition to charging your battery, this charger has the ability to identify battery issues and make an automatic repair effort. And even if your battery is an older unit, the pulsar repair functionality can give it a longer battery life.

As it is rated for 10 amps of charging current at 12 volts and 7.5 amps at 24 volts, this is also a quick car battery charger. However, since the battery can choose the ideal charging current for your battery automatically, you won’t need to worry about the current. Additionally, it has the ability to cut off the power when the battery is fully charged, making overnight charging sessions safer. The Outerman Car Battery Charger also has an LCD display that can show you a variety of battery parameters, including voltage, current, display, and other crucial information.


  • Offers fully automatic operation
  • Can be used as a charger and maintainer for the battery
  • Pulsar repair feature to extend the battery life


  • Short warranty period despite the price tag

8. Ampeak Smart

The Ampeak Smart Battery Charger is a great option if you’re looking for a top-notch battery charger for your garage. Yes, it only supports 12-volt charging, but if all you need is a battery charger for your car, that will do.

Additionally, you can cycle through three different charging amps, allowing you to charge your battery as quickly as you need to. If you need to leave right away, you can quickly charge the battery at 25 amps or set up an overnight trickle charge.

This charger supports AGM, lead-acid, and gel batteries in addition to providing diagnostic checks and jump-start assistance. Because of the overcharging protection system, you don’t have to worry if you decide to leave your battery on the charger over night.

Additionally, it has a sophisticated detection system that enables you to choose the ideal charging amperage, keeping your battery fully charged without overcharging it.

Last but not least, your car can be jump-started using this smart charger! This charger’s use as a jump starter is as simple as charging the battery thanks to an easy-to-use start aid button. This Ampeak Smart Battery Charger can be used for any 12-volt automotive charging need.


  • Great mix of price and performance
  • Three charging amps give you more options
  • 18-month warranty
  • Smart detection charging system
  • Reverse polarity and overcharging protection


  • Only works on 12-volt batteries

9. NOCO GENIUS10 Charger

Although the NOCO GENIUS10 may not appear to be much, don’t be deceived by its diminutive size. This tiny charger is extremely versatile and powerful. No matter if they are AGM, lead-acid, marine, lithium-ion, or another type of battery, it can charge both 6-volt and 12-volt batteries.

The output of this tiny charger is automatically adjusted in accordance with the type of battery you are charging. Additionally, it performs a diagnostic check on the battery to look for signs of excessive sulfation and acid stratification and switches to a different charge mode to try to repair any damage.

This is a charger that you can also set up and leave. You don’t have to be concerned about blowing up batteries by leaving them on for an excessive amount of time thanks to overcharge protection. You’ll feel more at ease knowing that this system takes into account various weather situations and other environmental concerns.


  • Small and portable
  • Works on both 6-volt and 12-volt batteries
  • It has overcharge protection
  • Works with all types of batteries – AGM, lead-acid, marine, etc…
  • 3-year warranty
  • Detects and attempts to repair sulfation and acid stratification


  • More expensive option
  • Only one charging amperage

10. BILT HARD Wheeled Battery Charger

This BILT HARD battery charger gives you the flexibility you need if you run a repair shop or work out of your garage. It has a 200-amp jump-start option in addition to three different charging options at 2, 10, and 40 amps each.


You only need to connect the battery and turn on the device to get a fully charged battery because the entire setup is fully automatic. Additionally, this charger has overheating and overcharging protection because BILT HARD is aware of your busy schedule in the store.

With this charger, there’s no risk of damaging a perfectly good battery by forgetting to remove a battery from the charger. The fact that this charger restores the battery you’re using, extending its useful life, is an additional benefit.


  • Plenty of charging options
  • Fully automatic setup is easy to use
  • Reverse polarity, overheating, and overcharging protection circuits
  • It works with all kinds of batteries
  • Reconditions battery


  • More expensive option
  • Pretty large to lug around

11. Optima Digital 400 AGM Charger

With the Optima Digital 400, Optima, known for producing some of the best automotive batteries in the world, takes a stab at producing an automotive battery charger. Although it is their Optima 1200’s entry-level model, it is not a low-cost or inferior product.

It only produces 4 charging amps, however, which reduces it to the status of a superior trickle charger. Batteries can be recovered, but it might require a whole day or more. Even so, it has hooks that are simple to hang and store, so you can set it up and forget about it.

That is also largely due to the overcharge protection that Optima integrated into the charger. The Optima Digital 400 doesn’t require overcharging the battery, so all you have to do is connect the charger and wait.


  • Great for AGM batteries
  • Spark free connection technology
  • Recovers batteries with as little as 1.5 volts
  • Easy to read and use LCD screen
  • Hook and hang connections make it easy to store and use
  • Reverse polarity and overcharging protection


  • More expensive option
  • Very slow charging option

What Are the Two Types of Battery Chargers?

Automatic and manual chargers are the two main varieties of battery chargers. When a manual charger is plugged into a car battery, it continues to supply power until it is removed or runs out.

A car battery’s power level can be read by an automatic charger, and it will receive enough power to maintain full charge. Many automatic chargers aren’t strong enough to charge dead batteries, so using a manual charger puts you at risk of overcharging your battery.

How to Charge a Battery?

It is acceptable to charge a battery that is still connected to a vehicle, but make sure the engine is off. You can also detach the battery and leave it charging indoors if you’re concerned about the battery’s health being harmed by the cold of a garage (if you’re storing a vehicle, such as an RV, for the winter). However, this comes with its own risks.

“On newer cars, disconnecting the battery to charge it will lose all the memories in all the electronic doo-dads in the car,” says Arman. “If you’re lucky, all you’ll need to do is clear the radio stations. If you’re not lucky, you’ll receive a ton of error messages and might need to have your car towed to the dealership to have various repairs made before you can start it up again.”

Although charging the battery is a relatively easy task, it can also be risky, so you must exercise caution. Working with electrical current involves a risk of shock, and battery acid on the skin is dangerous.

What To Consider When Buying a Car Battery Charger?

  • What kind of battery does your car use? If you drive an RV, it probably has a deep-cycle battery, but the most likely option is a regular lead-acid battery. In any case, you must make sure that any charger you are thinking about is appropriate for your battery.
  • Do you prefer a smart battery charger that is automatic or manual? Although manual chargers are better for reviving dead batteries, automatic chargers are typically simpler to use because they regulate their charge to prevent battery-damaging overcharging.
  • How much power does a charger need to provide? Do you desire one that slowly charges a battery and maintains it when not in use? Do you prefer a charger that can jump-start a vehicle as well as quickly charge a battery?
  • What type of battery charger size do you favor? Though technically all of the models on the list are portable chargers, some are larger than others and may be more challenging to use. Chargers with more power are typically bigger.
  • For a battery charger, how much are you willing to pay? You’ll need to spend a little more money if you want to charge your device more quickly because, as I mentioned earlier, the power provided is typically directly correlated to the cost of the device.

Is It Worth Buying a Battery Charger?

In a particular circumstance, namely, when you’ll be leaving your car idle for extended periods of time, a battery charger is a very helpful tool to have. The battery depletes a little bit each day that your car isn’t running. Accordingly, if you store your car for a month or a season, you run the risk of discovering it is not operable when you return. Throughout this time, an automatic battery charger connected to your battery will fill in the power deficit each day to guarantee that your battery is fully charged when you return. Of course, it also comes in handy to recharge any low-battery lights you find in your cars or lawnmowers.

This guide will go over how to wash a car at home and some frequently asked questions about best practices for washing cars in order to assist you in keeping your car clean.


Many factors, including weather conditions, battery aging, and excessive use of the vehicle’s electrical appliances, can contribute to the loss of charge in a car battery. In any case, before you choose to take a long trip, you must get the battery in your car to the best possible level of charge.

Check out these top picks for car battery chargers that we have chosen if you have questions about any of your options.

  • For a basic automobile battery, you should go with an affordable car battery charger like the car battery charger from NEXPEAK. The NEXPEAK Car Battery Charger is the least expensive option on our list, but it’s also a clever, fully automatic car charger that can charge both 12 and 24 volt car batteries. With a 10 amp amperage rating, this car charger can quickly recharge the battery in your car. The pulse repair feature allows it to identify battery sulfation or acid stratification on your battery and repair it.
  • On the other hand, if you are seeking a fast car battery charger, then the TowerTop Smart Battery Charger is the right choice for you. Additionally, this fully automatic car charger supports up to 25 amps of charging power and has smart functionality. Along with extra features like desulfation, reconditioning, and floating, it is supported by a 7-stage charging program to provide a safe and dependable charging performance. The TowerTop Smart Battery Charger’s advance start aid feature can also assist you in starting your car within 120 seconds.
  • But when it comes to trustworthy options, CTEK is likely the most well-known brand for automobile accessories like car battery maintainers and chargers. The CTEK – 40-206 MXS is also one such option that offers support for standard 12-volt car batteries and operates at 4.1 amps. It has a built-in voltage compensator that ensures efficient charging in all conditions. It can also assess a battery’s condition and, if necessary, automatically switch to desulfation mode. The CTEK – 40-206 MXS comes with a 5-year warranty, in contrast to the majority of other car chargers on the market.

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How Many Amps Do You Need?

As a general rule, it’s best to recharge your battery with as few amps as possible. There are a few exceptions to this rule, though. In the beginning, a burst of high amperage can aid in breaking up sulfation if your battery has a lot of it.
Second, more amps are preferable if the battery needs to be charged in a short period of time. Although more amps can harm your battery, they complete the task much more quickly.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Battery?

The amount of time will typically range from 4 to 24 hours, depending on how low your battery is. The typical car battery has 48 amps, and a charger’s amperage indicates how many amps it can restore in an hour.
Therefore, recharging a completely dead battery will take a full 24 hours with a 2-amp charger while only taking slightly more than 5 hours with a 10-amp charger.

How Long Should a Battery Charger Last?

There is no reason your battery charger shouldn’t last ten to fifteen years if you store it correctly and take care of it. Of course, everything depends on the battery charger you select. Cheap battery chargers won’t last nearly as long.

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