What Does a Car Warranty Cover? What is a Car Warranty?

What Does a Car Warranty Cover What is a Car Warranty

What does a car warranty cover? Below will show you the warranty types, what does a car warranty not cover, and what happens if I have a problem with my car…

What does a car warranty cover? The car warranty includes the repair fee if you need to repair the problem of the car. It usually covers components including engine, gearbox, suspension, brake and steering, although the details of different insurance policies vary.

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What is a Car Warranty?

In many cases, a car warranty is a collection of other warranties. From drivetrain to bumper-to-bumper and everything in between, we outlined the differences between the various car warranty types in this article. To protect your vehicle’s most vital component parts after the new vehicle limited warranty expires, it is worthwhile to purchase extended warranty coverage.

What Does a Car Warranty Cover What is a Car Warranty
What Does a Car Warranty Cover? What is a Car Warranty?

What Does Car Warranty Cover?

If one of your car’s systems malfunctions, the cost of repairs is covered by the warranty. For example, parts of the car that can be covered under a car warranty include the:

  • Engine
  • Fuel system
  • Gearbox and clutch
  • Steering mechanisms
  • Brakes
  • Electrical systems, including in-car entertainment
  • Air conditioning

While some policies may have more exclusions, others may cover more parts than this. Check the warranty’s specific terms before purchasing a policy.

Standard wear and tear won’t normally be covered under car warranties, so policies will typically exclude parts of the car that are regularly used, sometimes known as “consumables”. For instance, since you would anticipate them to degrade over time and require replacement, items like batteries, brake pads, windscreen wipers, and tires are typically not covered.

Some warranties will include some limited cover for “wear and tear”, such as if parts break or are damaged quicker than they should, but there are likely to be strict terms and conditions if you want to make a claim for this.

In some cases, auto warranties cover roadside assistance. However, this may only offer basic levels of protection so you might still want to consider taking out a separate breakdown cover policy.

The amount you can recover under your warranty will be subject to a cap, just like most insurance policies. You’ll be responsible for the additional costs if your repairs exceed this cap.

What Does a Car Warranty Cover What is a Car Warranty
What Does a Car Warranty Cover? What is a Car Warranty?

Warranty Types

Basic Vehicle Warranty: The engine, automatic gearbox, powertrain, steering, braking system, air conditioning, electrical fittings, sensors, console displays, audio system, and fuel system are all covered by this kind of warranty. Examine the warranty documents to learn the terms and circumstances under which the warranty is valid, as well as what is covered specifically and for how long.

Rust damage is additionally covered by warranties. You may also be entitled to Roadside Assistance under certain warranties. Engine and powertrain repairs, which can be expensive to fix on your own without a warranty, are covered. All the items covered by the warranty are listed in great detail in the car owner’s manual. You can also contact the automaker to get further clarification about the warranty’s coverage.

Hybrid Vehicle Warranty: What is a Hybrid Car? Hybrid cars have extra parts, like a larger battery pack, which is very expensive. Find out what kind of warranty these extra components are covered by before purchasing a hybrid vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Warranty: What is An EV (Electric Vehicle)? What is covered under the warranty may vary depending on the electric vehicle (EV) automaker. Along with the standard warranty coverage, some automakers will only replace an EV’s battery pack if it completely fails, while others will do so if it reaches a predetermined level of reduced capacity, typically between 60 and 70%. Some companies cover the battery only for a certain number of years and mileage. A notable exception is the Hyundai Kona Electric vehicle, which as of the model year 2019 has unlimited battery life.

Extended Car Warranty: People who drive their cars much more frequently and farther than usual will find this warranty to be very helpful. The basic warranty’s coverage is the same in the extended warranty, but for a longer period of time. When you buy the car, you can pay extra for an extended warranty, or you can extend it before the initial warranty period is up.

What Does a Car Warranty Cover What is a Car Warranty
What Does a Car Warranty Cover? What is a Car Warranty?

What Does a Car Warranty Not Cover?

Generally speaking, the following auto parts and situations will not be covered by your car warranty:

  • Routine maintenance: There’s no coverage for regular maintenance services like oil changes and tire rotations.
  • Wear and tear items: Brakes, brake pads, replacement windshield wiper blades, and headlight bulbs are examples of parts that are not protected.
  • Exterior and body panel damage: While your corrosion perforation warranty may in some cases provide coverage for specific circumstances, dents and scratches in the paint are not.
  • Interior damages: You are accountable for aesthetic problems like rips in the seats and broken plastic.
  • Issues caused by improper car care: Your warranty will be void if you drive dangerously or ignore routine auto maintenance.
  • Damage from accidents, theft, and severe weather: Car accidents, theft, vandalism, and damage from hail, flooding, and falling tree branches are among the exclusions from coverage.
  • Alterations or modifications: Your warranty will be void if you install aftermarket components and tamper with the odometer.

The owner’s manual or warranty booklet’s fine print contains information on what a car warranty includes and doesn’t. This is especially sage considering that not all car makes and models have the same types and durations of coverage.

What Does a Car Warranty Cover What is a Car Warranty
What Does a Car Warranty Cover? What is a Car Warranty?

What Happens If I Have a Problem With My Car?

If you notice a warning light on your dashboard or discover a problem with your car, you should not continue driving because doing so could exacerbate the issue and void your insurance claim.

The next step is to give your warranty provider a call in order to explain the situation and request assistance.

Once they are aware of the problem, providers ought to approve repairs and give you instructions on where to take your car for service. You should automatically be covered for the costs, with the exception of the excess, if the garage has been authorized by the warranty provider or is managed by the manufacturer or dealer who issued the warranty. If the cost of the repairs exceeds the claims limit, for instance, you might have to contribute to some of them.

In some circumstances, you might have to pay the shop up front for the repairs before claiming reimbursement from the warranty provider.

Make sure to review your policy so you are aware of the claims process in case you do discover a problem with your vehicle.

Remember that when purchasing a car from a dealer, regardless of whether you have a car warranty or not, you have certain rights under the Consumer Rights Act of 2015. In the event that your car has a defect, you might be entitled to a full refund within 30 days, a partial refund, or repairs after this period.

What Are the Benefits of Third-Party Extended Warranty Coverage?

For example, CARCHEX has five coverage tiers with multiple plans under each level. That equates to more than 15 contracts, each with additional customizations. Endurance is another popular choice for coverage, as we have named it the “Best Overall” provider. Endurance offers six tiers of plans to keep its clients content and secure. For a full comparison between these providers, read our Endurance vs. CARCHEX review.

Another important aspect is affordability. In contrast to the typical dealership service contract department, third-party providers operate in a much larger, more competitive market because they aren’t solely associated with particular auto manufacturers. Third-party providers now offer more adaptable and economical plans as a result of increased competition.

It’s important to consider both independent vendors and the manufacturer when looking for an extended warranty. Starting with these three top-ranked businesses, we advise obtaining at least three quotes.

What Does a Car Warranty Cover? What is a Car Warranty?
What Does a Car Warranty Cover? What is a Car Warranty?


Can a Warranty Cover a Used Car?

Yes, warranties can and often do cover used cars. You’ll be able to get coverage from one of the best used car warranty companies, and CPO vehicles from dealerships frequently come with warranties.

Do I Have to Pay for Services If My Car is under Warranty?

Even though your car is still covered by the warranty, you might still have to pay for some services. To understand what parts and services are covered repairs, carefully read your sample contract before signing up.

What’s Included in a Basic Car Warranty?

A basic auto warranty, also referred to as a bumper-to-bumper warranty, covers the majority of the parts and systems of your car for three years or 36,000 miles. However, it’s likely that wear-and-tear components and routine maintenance will be excluded.

Does a Car Warranty Cover Accidental Damage?

Accidental damages are not covered by a car warranty, but many other parts are. Automobile insurance policies instead offer defense against motor vehicle collisions, limbs from fallen trees, and environmental harm.

What Does a Mechanical Warranty Cover?

In that it covers replacement and repair costs for faulty auto parts, mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) is comparable to an extended auto warranty. In contrast, reputable independent warranty providers rarely offer MBI; instead, it is typically provided by auto insurance firms.

Summary: What Does a Car Warranty Cover?

What Is Covered by a Car Warranty? A car warranty covers flaws or damage that develops over time and isn’t the result of normal wear and tear. According to the company’s discretion and under the terms of the warranty, it pays to replace damaged parts with new or reconditioned ones. It also covers labor.

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