8 Best Car Scratch Remover in 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

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On a car’s paintwork, scratches and swirls are a real pain, but the following products can help remove them. After testing, we present the best car scratch removers for your vehicle.

Every car probably has a mark or two from being dinged in a parking lot or scraped by the garage door as you pulled in. You can take care of those blemishes and restore your car’s new appearance by using a car scratch remover. The top 8 car scratch removers are listed below for your reference, so keep reading!

Best Car Scratch Remover: Top Picks

  • 1. Best Overall: Meguiar’s Scratch Eraser Kit
  • 3. Best One-Step Product: Formula 1 Scratch Out
  • 3. Best Results: Turtle Wax Premium Scratch Repair Kit
  • 4. Honorable Mention: Turtle Wax Scratch Repair & Renew
  • 5. Honorable Mention: Meguiar’s Scratch X
  • 6. Best Budget: Nu Finish Scratch Doctor
  • 7. Best For Deep Scratches: Chemical Guys VSS Scratch & Swirl Remover
  • 8. Best Kit: Carfidant Ultimate Scratch & Swirl Remover

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Best Car Scratch Remover in 2022

1. Best Overall: Meguiar’s Scratch Eraser Kit

Meguiar's Scratch Eraser Kit

Our top pick for the best overall product is the Meguiar’s Scratch Eraser Kit because of its efficiency, usability, and quickness. A drill is required for the scratch eraser pad, which is a drawback. But if you already have a drill in your toolbox, this is the kit to buy.

Simple: Apply a small amount of the scratch remover to the pad in the shape of an X, use your drill to move the pad back and forth along the scratch, and then wipe away any extra with a fresh microfiber cloth.

The pad worked far better than traditional rub-on scratch removers and was quicker and simpler to use. This is the best kit to purchase if you have a good drill for light scratches on your car.


  • The fastest and easiest way to eliminate light scratches
  • Saves tons of time


  • Requires drill

2. Best One-Step Product: Formula 1 Scratch Out

Formula 1 Scratch Out

It doesn’t get much simpler than the Formula 1 Scratch Out, and we all prefer things that are less complicated. We tried a few one-step scratch removers, and this one was the most effective.

The remover and a fresh microfiber cloth are all you need. Using moderate pressure, apply a circular motion to the scratch after squeezing out a small amount of the product. The three 30-second passes we took showed improvement even after the first one. The outcomes were superior to those of the other one-step competitors after three.

Although this scratch remover has a strong chemical smell, the results are worthwhile. The more passes you complete, just like with the other one-step removers, the better the scratch will appear, though it would take some time to match the outcomes of the more complicated scratch-remover kits.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Best results after three passes compared with the rest of the one-step scratch removers


  • Unpleasant smell

3. Best Results: Turtle Wax Premium Scratch Repair Kit

Turtle Wax Premium Scratch Repair Kit

This kit from Turtle Wax is our recommendation for those seeking the best results despite the time and effort needed. The Turtle Wax kit delivered the best results, albeit after a few steps that other scratch removers don’t call for.

We skipped one step in this kit to ensure that the test was as uniform as possible: We didn’t use the Scratch Repair Pen because our scratch wasn’t deep enough. However, having that extra product available to you is undoubtedly a benefit.

Using sandpaper of different grits and lubricant spray, you can easily smooth out the clear coat during the application process, which is just a wet-sanding procedure. Then you use a microfiber cloth to apply the paint-clarifying compound to clean everything up. Although some consideration and effort are required, the outcomes turned out to be the best of the group.


  • Best results out of all products tested
  • Comes with Scratch Repair Pen for deeper scratches


  • Handful of steps to follow
  • Always be careful with sandpaper on paint

4. Honorable Mention: Turtle Wax Scratch Repair & Renew

The Turtle Wax Scratch Repair & Renew bottle completed our list of honorable mentions and did quite well. We were a little alarmed by the compound’s obvious graininess in comparison to the other compounds. However, it worked amazingly well once we started using it on the scratch.

The outcomes after three 30-second passes were on par with the other one-step removers that earned honorable mentions. Due to the product’s graininess, cleaning the truck required a few more swipes, but progress was made with each pass.

The more passes you complete, just like with the rest of these one-step removers, the better the outcomes. Although this is a good option, we still advise you to buy one of the kits mentioned earlier.


  • Thick compound, easy to manage
  • Priced right in the middle


  • Off-putting grainy consistency means extra time to wipe clean

5. Honorable Mention: Meguiar’s Scratch X

Meguiar's Scratch X

This bottle is simply a bigger version of the scratch-remover that comes in the Meguiar’s Scratch Removal Kit, which is our top pick overall. Although it is reasonably priced and works well, you might as well buy the entire kit.

The Scratch X version does effectively remove scratches using only a microfiber, and the outcomes after our three 30-second passes were good. It is manageable because it doesn’t run and has a pleasant scent.

However, given the cost, you might as well buy the complete kit from Meguiar’s and avoid getting an arm workout.


  • Pleasant smell
  • Isn’t runny, making it easy to manage


  • Pricey—just get the full kit from Meguiar’s

6. Best Budget: Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

In our experiment, the Nu Finish Scratch Doctor did not do well. The scratch’s difference is barely perceptible even after three passes of 30 seconds each. Managing the product on the microfiber cloth and then the scratch itself is challenging because it is also quite runny.

Although this scratch remover is inexpensive, the extra time is simply not worth it. Buy one of the kits we suggest for the best outcomes, or pick up a bottle of Formula 1 Scratch Out for a more affordable option.


  • Cheap


  • Poor results
  • Runny, difficult to manage

7. Best for Deep Scratches: Chemical Guys VSS Scratch & Swirl Remover

The only car scratch remover that claims to be able to handle both moderate and severe paint scratches is this one. This means that this product ought to be able to remove anything from a minor ding to a significant key scratch.

This product’s 16.0-ounce bottle, which is double or even more than double the size of the other ones in this review, contains car scratch remover. Using this method, you can take care of all the scratches on your car at once while reserving the rest for new ones.


  • Removes moderate and heavy surface imperfections
  • Safe on all car colors
  • Wax- and silicone-free


  • The product doesn’t help with swirls and may make them worse

8. Best Kit: Carfidant Ultimate Scratch & Swirl Remover

This review includes two kits to remove car scratches. A liquid bottle and a buffer pad are included. It only takes a few steps to apply the liquid—just dab some on the pad and buff it into the scratch.

It restores the paint, making the paint job look shiny and new once more in addition to eliminating the scratches on any paint finish or color.


  • Buffer pad
  • Removes light scratches, swirls, and other marks
  • Restores paint
  • Safe on all paint finishes and car color


  • The polish only lasts until the car gets wet

How Do You Use a Car Scratch Remover?

Here is a step-by-step process to follow:

  1. Wash your car first, paying close attention to any debris or grime near the scratch. This guide will go over how to wash a car at home and some frequently asked questions about best practices for washing cars in order to assist you in keeping your car clean.
  2. Read the remover’s instructions. The application method will differ slightly for each remover.
  3. If you bought a kit, you can use the remover right away. You will need to purchase a sponge, cloth, and sandpaper if you only bought the remover.
  4. If the scratch is only minor, dab some remover onto a sponge or piece of cloth and rub it back and forth into the area.
  5. If the scratch is deeper, start by using sandpaper to dull the paint around the scratch’s edges.
  6. Clean up the dust, then use the remover as directed in step 4 in the same manner.
  7. To preserve the repair work, apply a coat of wax over the area.

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Car Scratch Remover Buyers Guide

As you start looking for the best car scratch remover, keep these factors in mind.

Remover Type

Car scratch removers come in three types:

  • Compound: Both shallow and deep scratches can be removed with this kind of car scratch remover. Make sure you have the right equipment by reading the directions before applying it.
  • Polish: A true car scratch remover is not this kind. It is simply a polish that will hide any surface scratches, as the name would imply. You should read the bottle, just like with compound types, to determine what application tool to use.
  • Pen: Pens can repair paint but not scratches. Make sure the paint you buy matches the color of your car if you choose to buy this kind.


You can purchase the smallest bottle possible if you are only treating one scratch because you won’t need much product. You should buy a bigger bottle if your car has numerous scratches, though. Recall that the product is liquid, so if you don’t use it all at once, it might dry out before you need to use it again.

Wax and Silicone Content

It’s possible for car scratch removers to include silicone or wax. A remover without silicone or wax will be runnier, but the effects will last much longer. It is simpler to fill in a scratch with a remover that contains wax or silicone because of its thickness. You will need to reapply the product because it will eventually fade. Prior to researching products, you should decide which you prefer.


Application instructions vary depending on the car scratch remover. To ensure you have the right equipment to apply the product to your car, you should carefully read these instructions in advance. Manufacturers frequently advise cleaning the area before using the repair kit, so you might also want to think about using a car wash soap.

Most removers require microfiber towels or sponges, and some even call for sandpaper for deeper scratches. In order to avoid worrying about where to find the necessary supplies, you can also purchase a kit.

Things to Know About Scratch Removers

  • Scratch repair is tough: It’s not easy work, that much is true. People frequently purchase car scratch removers with the mistaken belief that they will instantly perform miracles. In actuality, compound and polish are probably beyond your abilities if you can pierce a clear coat scratch with a fingernail. A professional will fare much better using the more sophisticated tools available to them.
  • Take your time: These products to remove car scratches are effective. To succeed, however, you must adhere to the guidelines and use the proper equipment. Don’t wipe something off right away if it needs some time to cure. If a dual-action polisher is necessary, hand application won’t yield the best results. The reward for doing things correctly is an amazing paint finish on a car.
  • Scratch removers aren’t just for paint: Check the specific product, but in most cases you can use scratch removers on headlights, taillights, and even auto glass to fix annoying issues.
  • Skip the toothpaste: It’s a cute idea, but if you need to fix scratches, use a professional scratch removal product. Not automotive paint or clear coat, but toothpaste is intended primarily for oral use. It’s time to consult a professional if you’re really worried about deep scratches that our recommendations won’t be able to remove.
  • Use compounds sparingly: You can wear down a car’s clear coat with too much rubbing compound, but it would take many applications or some vigorous buffing. A little product goes a long way on an applicator pad, and a scratch is probably too deep to safely fix if you can fit your fingernail inside of it.


Does Car Scratch Remover Really Work?

The majority of the repair kits our review team discovered reduced light scratches, but some could handle both minor surface damage and more serious dents and scratches.

Customers should adhere to manufacturer instructions and be prepared with the required supplies, such as a microfiber cloth for a car wash, for best results.

Are Scratch Removers Worth It?

The quality of scratch removers can differ depending on the size of the scratch, how much of it there is, and the kind of car you’re trying to use it on. However, most scratch remover products work fairly well to eliminate the appearance of minor scratches on small surfaces.

Our Verdict

The Meguiar’s Scratch Eraser Kit is our pick for the best overall, which is defined as a combination of time and performance.

The Turtle Wax Premium Scratch Repair Kit works best for getting rid of light scratches completely. What is your choice? Leave your comment below! If you want to learn more about car cleaning, read our post on best car pressure washer.

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