BMW Brake Pad Replacement Cost: Don’t Miss

BMW Brake Pad Replacement Cost Don't Miss

The post will tell you the BMW brake pad replacement cost, including signs of bad BMW brake pads, and replacements of BMW brake pads

Depending on the type of brake pads chosen and how much damage your old, worn-out brake pads did to the rotors and other parts of your car, replacing your BMW brake pads, which includes parts and labor, can cost anywhere between $150 and $300 per axle.

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How Much Do BMW Brake Pads Cost? BMW Brake Pad Prices

The cost of BMW brake pads largely depends on how many brake pads you need to order and whether you want to change the brake pads yourself or have one of our technicians do it. Because your BMW brake pads typically wear out at the same rate on both the left and right sides of the car, brake pads are typically sold in sets of two. Most other brake pads range in price from $75 to $120, while the price of a set for a luxury vehicle can range from $150 to $250. Once more, brand differences are substantial, and installation is not included. There are other maintenance tasks to keep an eye on, such as the rotors, which may also require replacement if your BMW brake pads are severely worn out.

BMW Front Brake Pads Price

As prices can frequently change based on the availability of parts, speak with your service advisor. Most BMW franchise service centers will run brake specials all month and can save you various of money on front brake pad installation. Since your BMW brake pads wear down at the same rate per axle, it is present to have your front or rear brake pads replaced at the same time. Typically the rate for parts will alter from $100-$200 per axle and labor can rate anywhere between $80 – $100.

BMW Rear Brake Pads Price

Assuming you buy your BMW’s front and rear brake pads on the same day, their prices will be equal. The main determinant of brake pad prices is the availability of parts, though labor costs can vary depending on local market conditions. Typically, labor costs won’t fluctuate too much. Brake pad replacement parts typically cost between $50 and $100 each. You can order your BMW brake pads online or give us a call during business hours to get pricing and availability.

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BMW Brake Pad Replacement Cost Don't Miss
BMW Brake Pad Replacement Cost: Don’t Miss

What Are the Signs of Bad BMW Brake Pads?

Similar to how there are common brake problems, there are also very obvious signs that can point to the source of a brake issue. You should check your BMW brakes if the steering wheel shakes, the car has trouble stopping, or you hear a loud metal scraping sound. You shouldn’t disregard many additional, less obvious warning signs that your BMW brakes may be giving off.

How frequently do my brakes need to be inspected? Schedule your appointment with Nalley BMW of Decatur if you experience any of the following:

  • The brake pedal presses farther to the floor than normal or seems light or loose, and even requires more force/pressure than usual
  • A year and 12,000 miles have passed. A minimum of once a year should pass before a brake inspection. (Nalley BMW of Decatur offers a complimentary multi-point inspection every visit)
  • You are over the number of miles that BMW recommends between brake fluid exchanges for your vehicle
  • Your car is wobbling or rocking when driving at higher speeds
  • It takes your vehicle longer distances to stop than normal
  • You have grinding, squeaking or squealing brakes
  • Your vehicle doesn’t stay straight when you brake, pulling in either direction
  • Unusual vibrations, shaking or noises occur during braking
  • Your Check Engine or Brake Warning Light on your dashboard comes on

How Are Brake Pads Replaced?

The car’s wheels are loosened, and it is raised off the ground. The wheels are then removed and the brake pads are disconnected from the inside of the caliper. During this time, the handbrake caliper and pads will also be inspected. New pads are installed after the pistons inside the caliper are examined. The car will be test driven after the wheels have been reinstalled in order to “bed in” the brakes.

BMW Brake Pad Replacement Cost Don't Miss
BMW Brake Pad Replacement Cost: Don’t Miss

How Often Do Brake Rotors Need to Be Replaced?

BMW rotors should be replaced after 70,000 miles, but depending on your driving style and a number of other factors, they may wear out sooner. Normally you will need to replace rotors in pairs starting with the front axle of your BMW as they tend to wear out quicker. Schedule an appointment online with Nalley BMW of Decatur to get a free multipoint inspection on your entire brake system. Read more: How Often Should You Replace Your Brakes?

How Long Do BMW Brake Pads Last?

Depending on how you drive, BMW brake pads typically last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. If you commute in heavy traffic and use your brakes often, you’ll need to get an inspection more frequently. You should consult your BMW owner’s manual for information on suggested maintenance intervals. Read more How Long Do Brakes Last?

Are Broken Brake Pads Unsafe?

They are necessary to stop the car and without them, you risk getting into serious trouble. Make the necessary repairs as soon as possible because you don’t want to crash or, at the very least, fail a wof.

Should I Replace All 4 Rotors?

Normally, you must work on at least 2 rotors at once. The front brake rotors on your BMW will typically deteriorate more quickly than the rear ones, though a number of different factors can affect this. Call 770-628-5694 to speak with Nalley BMW of Decatur for more details and request a multipoint inspection of your entire braking system. Every visit to Nalley BMW includes a free BMW diagnostic.

BMW Brake Pad Replacement Cost Don't Miss
BMW Brake Pad Replacement Cost: Don’t Miss

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If My Brake Pads Are Worn?

When brake pads require replacement, they emit a distinctive sound. Even after releasing the pedal, you might still hear a screeching or squealing sound. Check your car for any grinding or groaning noises when braking.

How Often Do You Need to Change Brake Discs?

The lifespan of a brake disc can range from 25 000 to 60 000 miles. Depending on the type of driving the vehicle is used for will determine this. You can expect brake discs to be changed at 25 000 with busy town centre driving.

However, a car can travel up to 60 000 miles on the highway before needing to be replaced. As the front discs bear the majority of the weight when braking, you might also discover that they need to be replaced.

How Do I Check My Car’s Brake Pads?

How to check brake pads? Brakes naturally deteriorate over time and need to be replaced; the typical interval for disc replacement is 50 000 miles and for pad replacement is 30 000 miles. Check to see if the Brake warning light is on the dashboard to determine whether to inspect them and whether they need to be replaced.

Second, any squeaking or squealing sounds are a sign that the item needs to be replaced. The vehicle pulling to the left or right when braking (one pad may be more worn than another and will need replacing.) is another sign of a problem. Additionally, if you have to press the brake pedal all the way to the floor for the brakes to work, that is a sign that they need to be repaired or replaced.

What is Brake Fade?

The temporary loss of brake power or its totality is referred to as brake fade. It’s caused by a build up of heat, which causes friction on the surface of the brake pads preventing the pads from working correctly. For instance, if the brakes are continually applied while descending a steep hill, you might reach the bottom and discover the brakes are no longer functional. Because your brakes may still feel like they are working while you press them, brake fade is extremely dangerous.

A good indicator is unanticipated behavior in the braking system, such as longer stopping distances. Instead of continually slamming on the brakes, it is preferable to drive steadily and downshift. Reduce gear if brake fade occurs to reach a speed at which you can stop securely. Due to overheating, the brakes will be extremely hot, but after an hour of cooling, they should be back to normal.

Why is My Brake Warning Light On?

There are 2 brake-related lights on the dashboard. The ABS warning light which refers to the anti-lock braking system. It could just be an issue with the sensor and in most cases will be safe to drive as long as there’s no noise coming from the wheels, however it should be checked at some point by a mechanic. It’s possible that a sensor problem, worn brake discs or pads, or a leak are to blame for the brake warning light, which once more resembles an exclamation mark. You can manage a trip to the mechanic as long as the braking distance hasn’t gotten longer. If both the ABS and brake warning lights are on at the same time the vehicle is unsafe to drive and there could be a major fault with the brakes.

Summary: BMW Brake Pad Replacement Cost

How much does BMW brake pad replacement cost? Depending on the type of brake pads chosen and how much damage your old, worn-out brake pads did to the rotors and other parts of your car, replacing your BMW brake pads, which includes parts and labor, can cost anywhere between $150 and $300 per axle.

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