Clarifying the Issue: Estimated Specs for the 2024 Air Pure RWD from Lucid

Clarifying the Issue Estimated Specs for the 2024 Air Pure RWD from Lucid

It’s still unknown when the upcoming all-electric 2024 Lucid Air Pure rear-wheel drive trim will go into production, but it seems safe to assume that it will happen sooner rather than later. A recent email sent to potential Pure RWD buyers provides some estimated power and range specifications that give insight into the upcoming Lucid lineup.

The Lucid Air Pure all-wheel-drive (AWD) is capable of 480 horsepower, the Air Touring is rated at 620 horsepower, the Grand Touring is rated at 819 horsepower, and the Grand Touring Performance model is capable of 1,050 horsepower. The three-motor Air Sapphire is capable of more than 1,200 hp, while the Air Dream Edition is rated at 933 hp and the Dream Edition Performance at 1,111 hp. Now, according to the email (via AutoEvolution), the entry An estimated 430 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque are available from the Air Pure RWD.

Given that the Pure RWD is less important to the fledgling EV automaker than (possibly) more lucrative and expensive trims, it makes sense that it has taken some time for us to get final specifications. A new email from the automaker’s sales department may indicate that Lucid believes it is time for more serious consideration from potential customers, which could indicate that production will begin this year.

AutoEvolution also reports that the email claims the Pure RWD can reach 60 mph in a respectable 4.4 seconds and has an estimated range of 406 miles. To be clear, a Lucid representative, in an email to MotorTrend, told us that these estimates are “not considered final.” Range estimates for the Air Pure AWD, Touring, and Grand Touring models previously ranged from 410 to 425, 425, and 516 miles, respectively.

There is currently no direct comparison to be made between rear-wheel drive and the competitive all-electric Tesla Model S sedan because it is only offered with all-wheel drive. However, as it stands, the Model S can travel up to 405 miles on a single charge in its non-Plaid configuration, despite only having all-wheel drive and having a 3.1-second 0 to 60 mph time. The RWD Lucid is rumored to start at $87,400 before any options, while the Tesla starts at $94,990 right now.


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