Do I Need a Car Cover? What You Need to Know

Do I Need a Car Cover What You Need to Know

There are many choices and things to think about when shopping for a car cover. Do I need a car cover? It’s possible that you won’t be able to choose the right kind of car cover.

Yes, you are supposed to use a car cover. Keeping your car safe is one of the main advantages of a car cover. The cover will guard against scuffs, corrosion, pollen, dirt, dust, and paint fading brought on by UV exposure.

However, if you choose a high-quality cover, a car cover can be an expensive purchase and requires daily application and removal. The cover also needs to be applied correctly in order to function. Incorrect application can actually cause rust and scratches.

You will find all the information you require about car covers in this guide. I compiled a comprehensive list of benefits and drawbacks that ought to ultimately aid in your decision-making. Starting with some definitions, let’s move on.

What is a Car Cover?

The material that covers your car is called a car cover. It can be made from various textiles, including cotton, synthetics, and plastics.

To shield your car, you drape it with the product. Although it can be used on any car that is parked outside, you’ll frequently see it in more expensive or vintage vehicles.

How It Works

The cover itself is fairly simple to comprehend. Your car is covered by it, which protects the priceless paint from various environmental factors.

You should fully unfold a car cover after picking it up. The presence of elastic or hold-downs on the sides will be visible. Others are just a sewn piece that is about the size of your car, while some covers function like fitted sheets.

Working your way around the car, you’ll put the cover on your ride. The goal is to fully lower it so that it completely encloses your car. If your car cover was not made for your specific make and model, you might have to fold in your mirrors.

You will use any straps, buckles, zippers, Velcro, or strings provided to fully tighten the cover once it has been placed over the object. You’ve finished everything at that point.

The cover serves as your car’s ultimate sacrifice. Your paint will be easily scratched if small branches fall on an uncovered car. It’s a different story when covered.

High-quality covers can withstand a surprising amount of abuse without harming the vehicle underneath.

Because they are made of lightweight materials, car covers should be folded up and stored when not in use. It can go in your garage or your trunk.

Do I Need a Car Cover What You Need to Know
Do I Need a Car Cover? What You Need to Know

Who is the Car Cover Made For?

There is a pretty widespread requirement for car covers. There are many fantastic reasons to own a car cover, and you’ll understand this better when I go over some of the advantages.

I’d venture to say that a car cover would be useful for anyone who frequently parks outside. You’ll reap the same advantages from a car cover if you already park in a garage.

They’re also fantastic for people who collect cars or have multiple vehicles. If you don’t have enough garage space for all of your vehicles, you can insure all of the ones that are left outside.

You’ll also gain from a car cover if you own outdated vehicles.

In essence, a car cover should be taken into consideration by anyone who owns a vehicle that isn’t kept in a garage.

Which Car Can Be Covered?

You’ll quickly discover that any car can be covered as you shop for car covers. There are “universal-fit” options that advertise a wide breadth of cars that can be covered with a single product.

A cover that is specifically designed for a specific year, make, and model of vehicle is another option.

As a result, you can find a cover for almost any car. Even Lamborghinis can be covered with aftermarket car covers that are guaranteed to fit.

How Car Covers Help Protect a Vehicle?

It’s best to have a working knowledge of how car covers function and improve your life if you’re considering purchasing one.

Here are some advantages a car cover can offer:

Keep Dust and Scratches Away

Nothing works better than the long-term safety features of a car cover, even if your garage or storage facility is exceptional. It’s normal for the dust to begin settling on the paint if you leave your car alone for a while.

There is no better substitute for a car cover to completely enclose your vehicle and keep the dust out.

Prevents Moisture and Rust Damage

People who live near the sea may be aware of the humidity in the air. It’s crucial to keep it in mind when parking your car because it’ll be important to prevent it from harming your paint job. Using a permeable car cover is the best defense against rust.

It can absorb extra moisture from the car’s exterior while acting as a barrier that keeps water from getting to the body of the car. A cover also keeps a car’s paint from rusting and from getting wet.

Reduces UV Damages

Especially when you’re at work, the majority of cars are parked outside during the hottest part of the day. The body paint of the car can become damaged from constant exposure to strong sunlight.

The best defense against UV ray damage is a car cover, even when parked outside at work, because everyone wants their new paint job to last. Using a car cover daily won’t harm or fade the paint because cars stay clean in the hot, dry weather. Additionally, a car’s interior may feel cooler with a lighter-colored car cover.

Decreases Theft Risks

Even if you drive a gorgeous car, a cover can help reduce the likelihood of theft. Coverland Car covers can hide what’s underneath, making a car less appealing to thieves. Most thieves would find it difficult to steal a vehicle if they had to remove the car cover first.

Not to mention that most covers come with a padlock for added security. Your car becomes a less appealing target for thieves as a result.


For protecting your car from damages like scratches, rust formation, paint job fading, and theft, there may be a variety of solutions available. But nothing can compete with a car cover’s ability to handle all these responsibilities simultaneously.

A high-quality vehicle cover can help you if you want to protect your car, sometimes while you’re at work but also for several months at a time. You don’t need to get worked up over things like car washes, waxing, or arguing over a shaded area in the parking lot at your place of employment. Your life can be made easier and better by a car cover.


Putting a cover on your car or fastening it at the bottom with buckle straps may seem inconvenient, but doing so is crucial for your car. There are many alternatives to a car cover, but they are seen as more of a hassle.

Car umbrellas shield your car, but they call for the door handles and other parts of the car to be fastened. To secure the straps and make sure the umbrella won’t fall off, it takes a lot of time.

The most user-friendly alternative is thus car covers, provided they are applied correctly. In no time, you can quickly dress your car.


Keeping your car clean while it is parked in the garage will help you conserve water. In addition to keeping your car clean, the covers can help prevent the accumulation of dirt. Water can be preserved over a period of years by using a car cover, which is good for the environment.

Easy Purchase

Finding a supplier for car covers is not a concern for you. You can find excellent car covers in department stores or online, especially ones that are custom-fitted. However, simply because car covers are attainable does not imply that you should go ahead and buy one.

In order to make your investment worthwhile, you should take into account a few factors. You must locate a high-end car cover business that provides instructions for particular covers. Professionals can provide guidance on using a car cover correctly on their website or in a handy manual guide.

Do I Need a Car Cover What You Need to Know
Do I Need a Car Cover? What You Need to Know

Cons of Using a Car Cover

I’ve just mentioned a wide range of advantages to using a car cover. I’ll also lay out the drawbacks to give you the full picture.

Need to Pick the Right Cover

The most important lesson to learn from this is how important it is to choose your car cover carefully. You need something that will last for a very long time, provide your car with real protection, and fit properly.

To choose the best cover, consider your budget, the type of material you want, a reputable retailer, and how well the cover fits your particular vehicle. You’ll never get along if you put a Ford F150 cover on your Porsche 911.

There’s a Cost Associated

Even though these covers aren’t outrageously expensive, purchasing a car cover still has a cost. A free alternative is to simply leave your car parked outside.

If you choose less expensive covers, you’ll need to replace them more frequently, which will increase the cost. Costing between $200 and $300 is a high-quality, fully customizable car cover. Expect to spend around $70 or so on a standard car cover.

Extra Effort to Cover and Uncover Cars

There are costs involved, and you’ll need to put forth some effort on top of that. Although covering and uncovering your car is fairly easy, it still takes time.

Even so, it won’t take much of your time. While trying to take off and fold up your cover before leaving for the day while standing in the bitter cold, it can become irksome.

Once you’ve had the cover for a while and used it, you’ll become more adept at quickly applying and removing it.

Again, this is only significant when compared to parking outside in open space. Once you’ve finished shopping, simply get in your car and drive away. You will need to set your groceries down and open your car before leaving if there is a cover.

Custom-fit Car Cover Vs Universal Fit Car Cover

By carefully measuring every curve on your car, a true, custom-fit car cover can be created. This guarantees that your car cover will cover and protect your car to the fullest extent possible and won’t be blown off by the wind. Additionally, they appear much better.

Cheaper universal covers are offered by numerous businesses. Don’t be fooled; these universal covers are made with subpar materials that quickly deteriorate, improperly fit your car, and frequently blow away with even a light breeze. Invest in a high-quality cover to save time and money instead of repeating the cycle of buying a subpar cover every year. We think investing in quality pays off over time.

Indoor Car Cover Vs Outdoor Car Cover

Simply put, you should purchase an indoor car cover if you always keep your car in the garage. Our FlannelGuard Supreme Indoor Car Cover is lined with 100% soft cotton that has been sheared into a soft fleece that pampers the paint on your car. You could even sleep in it because it is so soft. A special blend of spandex and lycra is used on the exterior of the cover to conform to every curve and contour of your car. To provide maximum protection for every square inch of your car, it’s critical that your car cover fits perfectly.

Your priceless car receives an incredibly soft touch from indoor car covers. They are designed specifically to protect your car from dings, pamper the paint, and keep dust off the surface between washes and drives. You will be proud to drive your car in its current condition as soon as you take the cover off each time.

However, if your car spends even a small amount of time outside, you’ll want to invest in an outdoor car cover. In order to shield your car from the elements, outdoor car cover fabrics are made specifically for this purpose. These fabrics are made to wick away moisture, shield your car from snow, tree sap, and bird droppings, and most importantly, endure prolonged exposure to the sun. It is much preferable to let the car cover take the beating than your actual car because UV rays are one of the things that can damage your car the most.

How Often Should I Use My Car Cover?

We advise using your car cover whenever your car isn’t in use to best protect your vehicle. Both more modern collector’s items and vehicles used for daily transportation can use this. The cliche “better safe than sorry” applies here! If you forget to put your cover on, it might not be the end of the world, but you never know what might happen. Investing in a lightweight cover that is simple to put on and take off is a great idea for vehicles that are used frequently.

Before covering your car once more, dust or wash it for the best protection. This stops dirt from getting stuck under the cover and landing on your paint. If there is a layer of dirt between the cover and your car, it will act as sandpaper when the cover is moved, possibly scratching the paint. Additionally, make sure your car is dry before covering it to prevent moisture buildup and the development of rust.

How Do I Take Care of My Car Cover?

You will receive specific washing instructions for your particular fabric when you receive your BHMA Car Cover. However, you can simply wash your car cover in your home washing machine and dry it in the dryer for the majority of fabrics. The lifespan of the cover is increased by frequent washings.

This guide will go over how to wash a car at home and some frequently asked questions about best practices for washing cars in order to assist you in keeping your car clean.

How Long Will My Car Cover Last?

Based on the intended use. Your car cover can last for a very long time if it is kept inside or out of direct sunlight. Customers who bought car covers from us more than 40 years ago still have them today, and they’re in excellent condition! That is one of the benefits of buying a premium cover from Beverly Hills Motoring.

Your car cover should last at least 4 or 5 years while it is outside, depending on how much sun your car receives. The idea is that the cover will bear the brunt of the weather instead of your car.

Are Cover Covers Worth It?

Yes, a high-quality fitted car cover will shield your vehicle from damage much better than none at all. Rust, small damages, and bird droppings will be prevented. Ultimately, it will also cost you less money.

You get a guaranteed fit, made to safeguard your make and model, when you shop with We provide an extensive selection at fair prices. The best defense you can offer your car is what it needs.

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