How to Become a Truck Dispatcher? Read the Ultimate Guide

How to Become a Truck Dispatcher Read the Ultimate Guide

Being a truck dispatcher might be the perfect job for you if you’re looking for a desk job that is busy and doesn’t give you much downtime. I’ll walk you through the process of becoming a dispatcher for truck drivers in this guide, along with some helpful advice on how to operate a profitable truck dispatcher business.

How to become a truck dispatcher? Get the required qualifications, understand truck dispatch software, gain relevant experience, and refine skills. 

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What Does a Truck Dispatcher Do?

To manage freight on behalf of a carrier is essentially what a truck dispatcher does. That entails searching for freight that needs to be shipped using load boards and personal connections, corresponding with brokers, striking deals, and ultimately dispatching drivers and planning their routes. In many cases, the job also entails some administrative tasks like reviewing truck drivers’ logs and keeping track of their hours.

A truck dispatcher is often confused with a freight broker, but the two positions have different and distinct roles. A broker is a legal entity that serves as a middleman between the shipper or manufacturer (who needs their freight moved) and the carrier (who can move that freight). The freight broker is legally allowed to represent both the carrier and the shipper at the same time, but they should never have a personal investment in either side.

A truck dispatcher, as opposed to a freight broker, is a direct employee of a carrier and acts exclusively on their behalf. Even if you are an independent freight dispatcher, you are still essentially an employee of the carrier you are currently employed by, and you always speak on the carrier’s behalf when negotiating with a freight broker. Contrary to brokers, freight dispatchers are prohibited by law from acting as agents for shippers or manufacturers.

A freight brokerage company must, among other things, possess a freight broker bond (surety bond) and freight broker authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). For more details and resources on freight broker training, visit DAT’s Freight Broker Startup Guide if you’re thinking about starting a business as a freight broker.

How to Become a Truck Dispatcher Read the Ultimate Guide
How to Become a Truck Dispatcher? Read the Ultimate Guide

How to Become a Dispatcher for Truck Drivers?

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to become a dispatcher for truck drivers:

Get the Required Qualifications

Most truck dispatcher positions shouldn’t require more than a high school diploma, though some employers may have different requirements. In either case, obtaining a degree like an associate’s will undoubtedly increase your chances of landing a job.

If you want to improve your comprehension and knowledge of the topic, another option is to enroll in a specialized truck dispatcher course. For your course to be considered valid, you must ensure that it is being offered by an accredited institution.

Understand Truck Dispatch Software

A company will expect you to be well-versed in the trucking sector and the truck dispatching software that supports it when you are hired by them. You cannot afford to let your employers down in this area.

Investing in online courses that can teach you more about the industry software would be a good idea if you’re unsure of your dispatching skills. You can also use the industry’s mapping and scheduling software to gain some hands-on experience yourself.

While you’re at it, you should practice using a computer since interviewers do ask about your computer skills. You also need to understand their routing software in depth so that you don’t run into any issues juggling multiple tasks on the job.

Gain Relevant Experience

No matter the industry, gaining experience is necessary to earn the respect of prospective employers. This is especially true if you are applying to be an independent truck dispatcher, as the employer will need to double-check that you are capable of handling the job.

In order for any freight hauling company to consider you as their freight dispatcher, you must gain experience unless you are applying for an entry-level position. As a freelance freight broker, it is simple to gain experience in the field, despite the fact that it may seem difficult.

You can gain a lot of experience managing scheduling and freight issues as a freelance freight broker. You can also get insights into the working process of a truck driver and truck driver logs to refine your dispatching services.

You will learn a lot more about freight transportation as you gain experience, which will also help you be a better truck dispatcher. Once you have accumulated enough experience you should have an easy time getting hired as an independent truck dispatcher.

Refine Skills

In the modern competitive environment, it is not enough to simply meet the entry requirements. To secure their position in the industry, many freight dispatchers consistently go above and beyond. To beat out the competition, you should hone a few of your skills.

Hiring managers around the planet are looking for employees that possess legitimate strong skills that will make them good at their job. Contrary to popular belief, a freight dispatcher’s work does not end when trucks are sent out.

Additionally, there will be times when they may need to negotiate with companies or deal with customer billing disputes. Excellent interpersonal skills are required for the other tasks, which a freight dispatcher should have as a requirement.

A truck dispatcher becomes priceless to every shipping company when they have excellent communication skills and superior legal knowledge. With complete knowledge of things such as truck weight limits, you are more likely to land your dream job.

Apply to Jobs Strategically

Even though it may seem like a good idea to spam job boards with applications, it is actually better to strategically pick your target employers. This will not only save you time, but it will also increase your chances of landing a job.

You should use this opportunity to practice your verbal and written skills. You should keep an eye out for businesses that have a pressing need for a truck dispatcher because they are more likely to hire you right away if you have the necessary experience.

Making a few phone calls to your personal contacts and asking them if they have any jobs in sight is one of the best ways to find a job. Your chances of landing a job are greatly increased by references, which are taken seriously.

Though you need to quickly expand your professional network for greater opportunities. If a truck dispatcher uses software that eliminates hours of labor from their daily tasks, they will also have a significant competitive advantage over their rivals.

How to Become a Truck Dispatcher? Read the Ultimate Guide
How to Become a Truck Dispatcher? Read the Ultimate Guide

What Skills Do I Need to Be a Trucking Dispatcher?

You will require computer skills, some customer service experience, and empathy, just like any office job. However, there are a few other qualities that will be extremely helpful to you as a truck dispatcher. The following skills can help you advance your career and have much less stressful workdays.


You must be able to maintain order and keep track of your shipments if you want to succeed as a freight dispatcher. There will be a lot of paperwork to keep track of, and you’ll need to keep an eye on your shipments and the local weather conditions for the truck drivers to avoid any delays or dangers.


Many questions about recent, upcoming, or past shipments may come your way on any given day. It’s important that you’re able to buckle down and take care of your clients’ needs without getting distracted by other tasks. Freight dispatching involves a lot of different tasks, and it’s easy to lose focus when you’re interrupted.

Attention to Detail

To perform your duties effectively, you’ll need to be very knowledgeable about both your drivers and your shipments. Attention to detail is crucial because you will be checking paperwork for mistakes or missing information. Because a simple mistake was missed, you don’t want any regulatory problems or delivery problems.

Ability to Multi-Task

A truck dispatcher’s day may consist of 100 different tasks, all with different priorities. In order to meet deadlines, stay in touch with your shippers, drivers, and clients, you must be able to manage multiple tasks.


At times, routes change and can go in a different direction than you originally planned. You can perform the job effectively without adding to the stress on your drivers or customers if you maintain a certain level of flexibility and adaptability.


As a trucking dispatcher, you must have excellent communication skills. You’ll spend a lot of time on the phone with drivers, some of whom might not speak to anyone else all day. Even when you are under pressure, it is crucial to have empathy and compassion. Additionally, you will be emailing and calling shippers and receivers to discuss potential problems or to clarify driver instructions. When speaking with any of your coworkers or colleagues, it’s critical to maintain a professional and composed demeanor.

How to Become a Truck Dispatcher Read the Ultimate Guide
How to Become a Truck Dispatcher? Read the Ultimate Guide

How Do I Become a Successful Trucking Dispatcher?

It takes a lot of work to run a successful truck dispatcher business, but if you follow the guidelines above, you should be able to find partners who can make your company flourish. Finally, I’d like to leave you with my top two advice for becoming a productive truck dispatcher.

Tip One: Find a Mentor

I firmly believe that a good mentor can be the key to a successful truck dispatcher business. When I first started out, I had a mentor, and now I do the same for my students. In fact, the students who have succeeded the most—expanding their truck dispatching businesses and even turning into carriers themselves—are the ones who have made the most of having a mentor and have never been afraid to ask for help when they need it.

There is a learning curve that leads to success; no one is born knowing how to be a truck dispatcher. Your business can flourish if you find a mentor and make the most of that resource by turning to them for advice whenever you need it.

Tip Two: Invest in Your Education

Success depends on choosing the appropriate educational resources. You should pick a course that goes beyond the basic facts of truck dispatching to give you the knowledge and insight you need to effectively implement those facts into your business. Good courses—many of which are online—will cover much of the same material I discussed in this article, including registering your business, creating your website, and maximizing load boards. Additionally, they’ll discuss the most effective ways to market your company using effective marketing strategies. That information is essential because even if you are the best truck dispatcher in the world, it won’t matter if no one knows about you.

If you’re considering a career as a truck driver, one of the biggest questions on your mind is probably “How much money do truck drivers make a year?” 

How to Become a Truck Dispatcher? Read the Ultimate Guide
How to Become a Truck Dispatcher? Read the Ultimate Guide


Is It Hard to Be a Dispatcher?

It takes a lot of organization, concentration, patience, and attention to detail to be a truck dispatcher. Dispatchers constantly manage a high volume of requests — somewhat like an air traffic controller of the trucking world. It can be a stressful and challenging position.

How Many Trucks Can One Truck Dispatcher Handle?

A truck dispatcher should be able to manage anywhere from two to fifteen trucks at once. This is due to the fact that as the workload grows, the likelihood of accidents brought on by poor management dramatically increases. Because of this, dispatchers can only manage a small number of drivers.

Is It Better to Be a Freight Broker Or a Freight Dispatcher?

As a freight broker, you must be your own boss, so if you have a knack for business, that is better for you. Then again, a freight dispatcher position might be more appealing to you if you value a steady income.

How to Become a Truck Dispatcher from Home?

It will be extremely challenging to find a job as a home-based truck dispatcher unless you have years of demonstrated experience in the field. Though you could always act as a freelance dispatcher for individual owner operator groups.

Summary: How to Become a Truck Dispatcher?

As a truck dispatcher, it would be your job to match truck drivers with loads that need to be picked up and delivered to a client. Since you’ll be interacting daily with both the drivers and the clients, you’ll need to have strong customer service skills. To find a position, you may decide you want to move to a better location, but in some cases, you can even work this position from home. Do everything in your power to excel as a truck dispatcher once you’ve been hired so you can advance within the organization.

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