How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car? the Ultimate Guide

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car? the Ultimate Guide

You might purchase a used car that has a few minor problems that the previous owner left behind. Smoke odor is one of the most prevalent issues. So, how to get rid of smoke smell out of a car? We will also give you the types of products for getting smoke smell out of your car.

To get smoke smell out of car: gather cleaning materials, eliminate the culprit, vacuum, recirculate the air, clean the hard surfaces, and put everything back and hang an air freshener.

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What is Smoke Smell in the Car?

One of the most common causes of smoke smell in cars is from cigarette or other smoking of a previous or current owner. The smell of the smoke can linger for some time and can penetrate hard surfaces, clothing, and even the car’s air conditioning system. However, if you smell burning in your car, pull over and get out immediately, put a distance between yourself and the vehicle, and take caution until you can identify the source. It may be a broken car part, but it’s important to practice safety because there’s a chance it’s a fire.

Here are the benefits of removing a smoke smell from your vehicle:

  • Health and safety: By removing smoke particles, you can protect your health and the safety of your fellow passengers while also ensuring that everyone can breathe clean air inside your car.
  • Comfort: Making sure your car smells good can help you provide guests with a better experience and ensure your comfort as well as theirs.
  • Protection of the vehicle’s interior: It’s critical to get rid of smoke particles and keep them from re-contacting surfaces because they can harm a car’s interior.

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car?

Here are the details:

Gather Cleaning Materials

The first thing to do is to gather all your cleaning materials:

  • Multi surface disinfectant
  • Vacuum or shop vac
  • Fabric freshener spray
  • Spray bottle
  • Vinegar
  • Dish Soap
  • Water
  • Air freshener

Eliminate the Culprit

Remove all traces of cigarette ash and residue from the interior of your vehicle. That’s right, clean your car, and don’t forget to throw out the ashtray’s contents. When used as directed, a multi-surface disinfectant like Microban 24 kills 99.9% of bacteria for 24 hours* when you place your ashtray outside your car and spray it down. Just spray and walk away, allowing the product to air dry.


Soft surfaces in your car are highly susceptible to absorbing smoke. Use a portable vacuum to suck up scent-clinging particles to address this head-on. Make sure to get into all the small nooks and crannies, using the hand attachment for the particularly hard-to-reach places, like in between the seatbacks and bottoms. Use the other hand to separate the seams in the car seats so you can use the other hand to press down firmly with the vacuum, sucking up even the parts you can’t see. To later determine whether they still smell like smoke, remove the floor mats, vacuum the area beneath them, and then store the mats outside the vehicle.

Recirculate the Air

Spray Febreze Fabric Auto on the soft areas of your car, such as the seats and seatbacks, to help get rid of the smoke smell. Then, open all the doors to your car and turn the vents on “recirculate”. Give the air at least an hour to circulate throughout the entire system.

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car? the Ultimate Guide
How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car? the Ultimate Guide

Clean the Hard Surfaces

Clean your car windows and mirrors with a DIY cleaning solution. In a spray bottle, combine ¼ cup vinegar with ½ teaspoon of liquid dish soap like Dawn, then pour in 2 cups of water for dilution. Spray your windows and mirrors as needed after giving the bottle a good shake. Be sure to wipe everything down with a microfiber cloth afterward and let it air dry. Then, use Microban 24, which, when used as directed*, not only cleans but also offers protection against bacteria on non-porous surfaces for up to 24 hours, to spray and wipe the plastic portions of your interior.

Put Everything Back and Hang An Air Freshener

After you ensure your ashtray and car mats no longer smell like smoke, go ahead and put them back in your car. For good measure, consider hanging an air freshener on your rearview mirror.

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car? the Ultimate Guide
How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car? the Ultimate Guide

Types of Products for Getting Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

Here are the details:

Natural Products

There are some natural remedies you can try to reduce smoke and other smells. These methods, such as coffee grounds or charcoal, may be cheaper than replacing parts, and more environmentally friendly than using chemicals. It’s wise to start with these tactics before moving on to more aggressive ones.

Cleaning Supplies

Chemical deodorizers and foggers are one option for reducing smoke or other negative smells in your car. These may be more potent and effective than natural remedies, and they can help you clean both hard and soft surfaces. Make sure they won’t damage the materials in your car, especially if it has delicate surfaces like leather. You can also use some aerosol products to clean the air conditioning system in your car.

Part Replacements

Old air conditioning systems are among the most frequent causes of smoke smells. Replacing the air filters in your car is good practice in general, especially if you’re smelling an unpleasant odor. You can also replace your car’s ashtray, if it has one. A car part’s interior or exterior electrical wiring could be the cause of the smoke odor.

How to Remove the Smoke Smell from Leather and Trim?

Smoke odors can seep into the leather as well, leaving a residue on the other surfaces.

  1. You will require a cleaner created especially for leather and trim in order to get rid of the smell. For example, use a cleaner that’s made for leather or for your car’s dashboard.
  2. As the smoke smell may permeate deep within the surface of leather and trim, clean the surfaces several times. You can make sure you completely remove the scent and any lingering residue by cleaning the area more than once.

What About Other Areas in Your Car?

The other surfaces in your car need to be cleaned after you’ve cleaned the carpet, upholstery, and trim. Since the smell of smoke can also enter the air vents, clean your windows, the front and back windshield, and replace the air filter in your vehicle. The smoke residue can linger on these surfaces, creating a foul smell.

How to Smoke in Your Car Without It Smelling?

While you may have some techniques for getting rid of the smell of smoke, do you know how to smoke in your car without it starting to smell? While there’s no way to completely block the smell of smoke from permeating your vehicle, there are steps you can take to minimize the smoke smell, such as:

  • Make sure your air conditioner/heater is pulling in air from the outside. If the air in your car is being circulated, the smoke will be drawn into the vents and filters.
  • To draw out the most smoke, keep your window cracked and hold your cigarette close to the window.
  • You can smoke with an e-cigarette without getting the typical smoke smell.
How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car? the Ultimate Guide
How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car? the Ultimate Guide


Is It Possible to Get Cigarette Smell Out of a Car?

Baking soda Sprinkle baking soda on seats and floors as an odor neutralizer. After a few hours, vacuum or clean it up. Even leaving a box of baking soda open overnight will help to eliminate the odor. Consider wiping your seats and surfaces with dryer sheets to help mask strong odors.

How Long Does It Take to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car?

How long does it take to eliminate the smell of smoke in a car? A. After you have cleaned the car, it can take up to 48 hours to eliminate the smell that tobacco leaves behind. Starting with a clean car interior will let one of the odor-removal remedies do its job.

Can You Get Smoke Smell Out of Car Interior?

Vacuum the carpet and upholstery thoroughly, paying special attention to the spaces beneath the seats and the spaces in between them. Sprinkle baking soda liberally all over the carpet and furniture, then wait a while. Strong smells can be absorbed by baking soda, which is a very effective odor neutralizer.

Will Cigarette Smoke Smell Eventually Go Away?

Even through the ventilation system, tobacco smoke has the potential to spread throughout the entire house. But there is no need to panic, as the smell will dissipate over time.

Summary: How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car?

To get smoke smell out of car: gather cleaning materials, eliminate the culprit, vacuum, recirculate the air, clean the hard surfaces, and put everything back and hang an air freshener.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. KV Auto tries to give you the best car industry information. Thank you for reading.

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