Nissan’s Max-Out EV Roadster Concept Becomes a Real-world Vehicle

Nissan's Max-Out EV Roadster Concept Becomes a Real-world Vehicle

Some automakers are discovering that now is a great time to shake things up and possibly offer designs that they haven’t before or have previously left behind as more automakers transition their vehicles to align with the EV future. In 2021 Nissan revealed its “Ambition 2030” vision which was effectively a roadmap of the Conceptual electric vehicle offerings that might enter production by 2030. Nissan revealed several concepts during that time including an EV pickup truck called the “Surf-Out,” a SUV concept called the “Hang-Out, a small crossover concept called the “Chill-Out” which may be a glimpse at a future Leaf EV, and a roaster called the “Max-Out” which grabbed our attention the most.

When these concepts were first unveiled in 2021, they were just renderings, but Nissan decided that the Max-Out concept needed to be physically represented, so it built a physical model to be displayed at its global headquarters. The original rendering of the Max-Out seemed to be inspired heavily by TRON with a grid motif that accentuates the “grille” and headlights and stretches across what would be the “hood” and into the interior.

The physical model expands on the motif by applying it to wheel covers that feature a tube-like pattern that creates a bizarre optical illusion. The covers also almost give off the impression of being screens that are illuminated. Nissan hasn’t given us many details about how the Max-Out works, but we wouldn’t be shocked if they said that the user can switch out the look of the wheel covers at any time.

For the Nissan Futures event, which will begin on February 4 and run through March 1 of 2023, a physical model was created. Weekly panel discussions on subjects like EV battery reuse and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) initiatives will be part of the event. The discussions are designed with the goal of “engaging an open dialogue” with Gen Z consumers and experts about sustainability, economy, innovation, and culture.


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