12 Best Car Cover for Hail: Our Top Picks [2023]

Best Car Cover for Hail Our Top Picks

You should conduct research to find a reliable heavy-duty car cover. It can be difficult to select from all the options because there are so many (and some are utterly worthless). Here is a list of best car covers.

  • Audew 6 Layers Truck Cover All-Weather Car Cover
  • Altindal Hail Protector Car Cover
  • Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car Cover
  • OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover
  • Hehui Magnetic Windshield Cover
  • CAR Cover Hail Protector for SEDANS Hail
  • Reliancer Car Tent and Umbrella
  • HP Hail Protection Car Cover
  • CarsCover Custom Fit 2010-2019 Chevy Camaro Car Cover
  • YITAMOTOR Waterproof Car Cover
  • Reliancer Car Tent Semi-Automatic Hot Summer Car Umbrella Cover
  • Glare Guard Car Windshield Snow Cover

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Best Car Covers for Hail

Audew 6 Layers Truck Cover All-Weather Car Cover

Audew 6 Layers Truck Cover All-Weather Car Cover
Audew 6 Layers Truck Cover All-Weather Car Cover

Since I already showed you the best car cover to protect from hail for your sedan, It’s probably time to introduce you to one that is made specifically for trucks and SUVs. And on that note, this Audew hail cover for Ford F150 is the most straightforward, cost-effective option worth considering.

Besides the distinct advantage of being designed to work with your vehicle – which automatically ensures a much better and more secure fit – it also boasts high-quality construction:

With the help of six layers—a protective coating, waterproof PE layers, UV-resistant aluminum, waterproof EVA layer, and soft non-woven cotton lining—the cover is kept as thin and light as possible without sacrificing its sturdiness or durability.

When you spend money on a car cover, the additional security of all-year protection is always appreciated. Let’s face it, hail isn’t the only risk that your car may encounter when it is parked outside.

I like that it has an elastic hem for a better fit, but more than anything, I’m happy that they also added buckles and adjustable straps. On windy days, it’s preferable to have the option of tying the cover down rather than being concerned about whether or not it will be blown away.

The only drawback is that, especially during periods of intense rainfall, it doesn’t live up to its anti-pooling design claims.

Altindal Hail Protector Car Cover

Altindal Hail Protector Car Cover
Altindal Hail Protector Car Cover

Stones can be thrown at your car without damaging this Altindal car cover, which is 6mm thick. It won’t offer complete side coverage, but it will still offer defense against any objects that might fall from the sky.

Although it is available in a larger SUV size version, its 500cm length is more than sufficient for a typical sedan.

Because it is made of ethylene vinyl acetate, the structure is somewhat flexible but still incredibly impact-resistant. After less than a minute, it is ready for installation.

Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car Cover

Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car Cover
Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car Cover

The Platinum Guard car cover’s 7-layer construction will shield sedan-style vehicles from hail damage. You’ll get four layers of spun-bound polypropylene, two layers of UV protection, and then one layer of soft cotton to shield the outside from deterioration.

Because of the buckle and strap points’ resistance to strong winds, you can use it both inside and outside for protection.

Each time, your vehicle will receive a snug fit thanks to an elastic hem around the bottom. Additionally, there are antenna patches included.

OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover
OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

With this OxGord Executive car cover, your vehicle will be protected on seven different levels. The structure gives you enough strength to safeguard your investment in almost any weather.

The XXL model, which fits vehicles up to 216 inches in length, is one of four sizes that are currently on sale.

You get a first-class experience at an affordable price with the help of three layers of spun-bound polypropylene, a microporous film level, security grommets, and tie-downs. It will finish the task.

Hehui Magnetic Windshield Cover

Hehui Magnetic Windshield Cover
Hehui Magnetic Windshield Cover

The Hehui magnetic windshield cover is the product you should use if protecting your windshield glass from hail is your main concern. With its leak-proof construction, it will also keep snow and ice off the surface during the winter.

In order to make sure that all snow and frost from the outer surface can be removed without difficulty, this cover even resists water absorption. You should verify compatibility prior to purchase because it is a one-size-fits-all product. For safe storage in your trunk, the flimsy material is also foldable.

CAR Cover Hail Protector for SEDANS Hail

CAR Cover Hail Protector for SEDANS Hail
CAR Cover Hail Protector for SEDANS Hail

This cover’s construction is what stands out the most. More so than most car covers I’ve tested, it perfectly strikes the balance between flexibility and impact-resistance.

It functions as a sizable impact-resistant blanket for your car.

The cover doesn’t seem like much at first glance, and the six-millimeter thickness doesn’t sound particularly impressive, but upon closer inspection, I discovered that it is insanely strong. And when I say that, I mean sturdy enough to keep your sedan safe from hail, rain, and other severe weather.

Since it has anchoring straps, you won’t have to worry about the wind blowing it away either. It is simple to put on, even simpler to remove, and even simpler to store.

The sides of your car, however, are left exposed because it is only intended to cover the top, trunk, windows, and hood.

Despite the fact that these areas are not high-risk during a hailstorm, complete coverage would have made this the ideal hail protector.

Reliancer Car Tent and Umbrella

Reliancer Car Tent and Umbrella
Reliancer Car Tent and Umbrella

The Reliancer Car Tent/Umbrella is a distinctive cover that offers a silver-coated material that will keep interior temperatures up to 45F cooler during a hot summer day. Additionally, because it is completely waterproof, you can add another layer of security to your car.

Although it is designed more for light precipitation than hail, you will still get some protection from it in an emergency. The TPU rubber soft suction cups ensure stability in most situations, and the steel wire serves as a theft-prevention rope. Fully installing this product takes about 30 seconds.

HP Hail Protection Car Cover

HP Hail Protection Car Cover
HP Hail Protection Car Cover

This hail protection product from HP (no, not the printer company) has an all-around fit and is sturdy enough to stop hail, falling acorns, and even small branches.

Although complete protection is not guaranteed with this product, the design incorporates a 4mm layer of hard-pressed foam around the trunk, roof, and engine compartment to soften impacts that may happen due to weather.

Built-in elastic attachments in the front and back provide a tight fit, and reflective seams make it easy to see at night. A tile material that protects the varnish and is soft and supportive is laminated over the interior.

CarsCover Custom Fit 2010-2019 Chevy Camaro Car Cover

CarsCover Custom Fit 2010-2019 Chevy Camaro Car Cover
CarsCover Custom Fit 2010-2019 Chevy Camaro Car Cover

I could tell the cover was well-made and thicker than average right out of the box, which is a good indication of how it would hold up in the event of a hailstorm. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that it does have a five-layer construction.

It even has specialized pockets that perfectly line up with your Chevy Camaro’s mirrors to demonstrate that this isn’t your typical, universal-fitting cover.

You can be sure that it won’t move no matter how windy it is because it offers such a tight fit, coupled with tie-down straps and buckles.

To ensure my safety, I would have preferred to see at least one or two reflective bands on it given its all-black design. I was also disappointed to learn that it is not completely waterproof as claimed; at most, the cover is water-resistant.

YITAMOTOR Waterproof Car Cover

YITAMOTOR Waterproof Car Cover
YITAMOTOR Waterproof Car Cover

Consider this 208-inch YITAMOTOR cover if you’re looking for a universal item that will fit the majority of cars. Though I am aware that it isn’t the most well-known brand available, after testing it, I am confident in its capacity to protect your car in a variety of ways.

I want to start by talking about the cover’s construction because I was surprised by it. The cotton lining and outer PEVA layer work well together to make the material thicker and more durable than I had anticipated.

It’s comforting to know that even with frequent use, it won’t show signs of wear that quickly.

My absolute favorite part of the cover design, however, are all the little details that demonstrate how carefully thought out it was.

For example, the elastic hems with double stitching and the windproof strap and buckle system are there to keep everything snug. Moreover, it has a locking system that prevents theft! The sewn-in reflective bands are an even better example of what I mean:

Although I haven’t seen many options with reflective stripes, if you usually park your car on the street, they come in very handy.

But the interior lining was a little disappointing. It’s not exactly rough, but neither is it as soft as claimed.

Reliancer Car Tent Semi-Automatic Hot Summer Car Umbrella Cover

Reliancer Car Tent Semi-Automatic Hot Summer Car Umbrella Cover
Reliancer Car Tent Semi-Automatic Hot Summer Car Umbrella Cover

In the summer, it maintains a comfortable interior temperature, and in the winter, it shields the vehicle from snow, frost, and ice.

The polyester fabric—which is waterproof, by the way—is supported by a strong but adaptable fiberglass frame. Additionally, there are a number of security features to keep it in place, such as wind-resistant ropes with hooks for added stability, soft TPU rubber suction cups that are resistant to theft, and more.

Although it may seem difficult, you can set everything up in under a minute. It’s also semi-automatic. The umbrella opens up in about eight seconds, which is ideal for last-minute hail protection.

This cover, however, is very wind-sensitive, much like how an umbrella can become inside out if it encounters wind. Additionally ineffective are the weak suction cups.

Glare Guard Car Windshield Snow Cover

Glare Guard Car Windshield Snow Cover
Glare Guard Car Windshield Snow Cover

There is one more option to think about if you’ve figured out how to protect the rest of your car and want to concentrate on the windshield: the Glare Guard windshield cover.

Whether you choose to use it as an added layer of protection – combined with one of the other car covers that protect against hail – or by itself to prevent ice and frost build-up, the all-weather design won’t let you down!

There are some similarities to the earlier windshield cover I mentioned. For instance, the four-layer construction is nearly identical:

A well-insulated, temperature-resistant cover made of aluminum, cotton, and non-woven lining won’t scratch your windshield.

Additionally, it is incredibly multi-functional and ideal for year-round use because it is both frost- and sun-proof.

The general ease of use was another similarity that I noticed. Once more, the cover has a set of flaps you can tuck inside the door and elastic bands on both sides to secure it to the car mirrors. So, even in strong winds, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will remain in place.

Fold the cover and store it in the drawstring bag that comes with it when it’s not in use for maximum convenience.

However, the longevity and robustness could be better. Though not for very long, it accomplishes what it is intended to.

Read about

Car Cover Buying Guide

Take some time to think about some important factors regarding car covers for hail protection before you run out and buy the first one you see. The knowledge you gain can ensure that you purchase the proper cover and have the best experience possible using it.

Types of Car Covers

A car cover’s fit can vary depending on the style it is made in.

  • Generic fitare those covers made large enough to fit on a range of vehicles. Generally speaking, these work best for basic coverage and are ineffective in strong winds and storms. They will also be too large for motorcycles or other small vehicles, which is another drawback.
  • Custom-fitcovers are probably the best of the bunch because they allow you to order a cover made specifically for your vehicle make and model. According to Car Care News Service, the best level of weather protection is provided by a tight fit that will fit snugly on your car with no overhang or exposed areas.
  • Portable car coversare often light in weight and meant to be something you take off and on regularly. Because they are lightweight, you might not receive full protection from more severe weather, like hail or ice. These covers typically do a good job of protecting against dust, water, and sunlight.
  • Inflatable car covers, as the name suggests, blow up to fit your vehicle. The Hail Protector is the best illustration of an effective inflatable car cover. They can offer excellent coverage, but setting them up necessitates a steady supply of air and electricity. This made using this kind of cover outside of a garage impossible (unless it had multiple power sources).
  • Umbrella car coversare like a tent that goes over the car. Typically made of sturdy material, they provide excellent wind protection. Their lack of comprehensive coverage means they only offer minimal protection, which is a drawback. However, if your car is prone to interior water leaks, they work.

Material of Car Covers

Car covers are typically made of thick materials with a few characteristics that help them be impact and water resistant. In order to prevent the cover from degrading when exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, the exterior fabrics may also have UV protection. Usually, waterproofing is also a feature of the outer materials.

The most common type of soft fleece used as a cover’s inner fabric. This helps shield the paint of your car from scratches. It’s also possible that the inner material has special qualities that allow it to breathe and stop moisture from accumulating.

This guide will go over how to wash a car at home and some frequently asked questions about best practices for washing cars in order to assist you in keeping your car clean.

Car Cover Buying Guide
Car Cover Buying Guide


Can a Car Cover Damage Your Paint?

Although using a car cover can harm your paint, Motor Biscuit claims that this largely depends on how you use it and how well you follow the cover’s installation instructions. Using a car cover on a dirty car is the main cause of scratches.

If you place anything on top of the dust specks or other surface contaminants on your car, it will scratch the paint. Because of this, you ought to always wash your vehicle before covering it. Detailing, such as wax or ceramic coating, is advised when storing for an extended period of time.

Additionally, if the cover has grommets, scratches could occur. When installing them, you must exercise caution to prevent rubbing against your vehicle.

Another offender is wind. The cover may scratch your car if the wind sways it. Moreover, dust can also enter the cover if the wind can, and dust, as you are aware, can harm things. Utilizing wind protector straps is a simple way to avoid this.

The paint on your car may also be harmed if moisture penetrates the area under the cover. While it might not actually scratch it, it can start to peel and fade.

Can You Put a Car Cover on a Wet Car?

To prevent moisture-related damage, you should let your car completely dry before covering it. In some circumstances, it might even cause your cover to mold.

Can You Wash a Car Cover?

Regarding the upkeep of your car cover, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, you can wash the majority of them. A cover’s effectiveness can be reduced and the material can become weaker if it is washed excessively.

What About Your Car Antenna?

The majority of car covers lack an antenna hole. The best course of action is to retract or remove your antenna. To make a hole for your antenna, however, most covers will come with the necessary materials. To prevent harming the cover or lowering its effectiveness, be sure to adhere to the instructions.

Which One is the Best for You?

We highly recommend Audew 6 Layers Truck Cover All-Weather Car Cover.

In addition to the unique advantages of designing to work with your vehicle – automatically ensuring a better and safer fit – it also has a high-quality structure:

In order to keep the cover as thin as possible without compromising its strength and durability, it is protected by six layers: a waterproof PE layer, an aluminum layer that is resistant to ultraviolet light, a waterproof EVA layer, and a soft non-woven cotton lining.

Then, we also suggest Altindal Hail Protector Car Cover. When rocks are thrown at moving vehicles, the 6mm thick Altindal car cover can withstand them. Despite the fact that it doesn’t offer complete side coverage, it can offer defense from anything that might fall from the sky.

I appreciate your reading.

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