Find the Differences in the 2024 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class!

Find the Differences in the 2024 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class!

We have some exciting news for fans of svelte, reasonably priced luxury coupes, even those with four doors. The Mercedes-Benz CLA sedan is getting an update for 2024. The subcompact CLA, which is near the bottom of the Benz lineup, received a slight redesign from Mercedes as the first thing that was new. Up front, you might notice that the grille adopts changes to the vertical-slat “panamericana”-style slatted grille on AMG models and the brand’s “star pattern” with a massive On the remainder, the Mercedes-Benz logo is prominently displayed. We examined images of the 2023 CLAs and the 2024s, and we have to admit that it is difficult to tell the two models apart.

The flanks of the front end have larger, redesigned scoops as well. The scoops don’t seem to be functional based on the official photos, but they may have a tiny opening to let air cool the brakes. The headlights are carryover but feature new “modernized graphics.” Mercedes-Benz has not shown us a picture of the base model’s new rear bumper, but it has shown us a picture of the AMG model’s rear end, which features a new diffuser.

A few of the three new wheel designs, which come in sizes up to 19 inches, are also available. Wrapping up the exterior updates are two new paint colors: “Hyper Blue,” and “Starling Blue” which should look great when you park this car at your blue house with your blue window da ba dee da ba di. We digress. Anyone a fan of Eiffel?

The CLA comes equipped with two 10.25-inch screens inside, one of which doubles as the infotainment center and the other as a digital gauge cluster, just as it did before. Not to worry, it appears that the climate control system still has physical buttons. Both screens offer up the latest “MBUX” interface which we found a bit convoluted back in the 2022 model. Hopefully the new version is easier to use. The noise insulation on the last model we drove could be better, so we are also hoping that the interior of the 2024 model is quieter. Apart from that, we generally liked the slick styling, suitably opulent interior, and respectable engine performance of the previous CLA.

It’s anticipated that the base and AMG models of the 2024 Mercedes-Benz CLA will go on sale later in 2023, though we don’t yet know the precise date. We predict that the Mercedes-AMG CLA45 will once more produce 302 horsepower from a noticeably more potent four-cylinder engine and come standard with all-wheel drive, while the CLA will continue to be sold in 250 form with front- or all-wheel drive and a 221-hp turbo I-4 engine. We’ll let you know how it performs if we can get our hands on one to evaluate. But given the small scale of the modifications, it ought to operate essentially as before.

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