How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking? An Easy Step-by-step Guide

How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking? An Easy Step-by-step Guide

A vehicle’s GPS tracker can be incredibly helpful for navigation, but how can you block it if you suspect someone is using it to track you? 

So, vehicle tracking using GPS technology can be blocked using jamming devices that interfere with these transmissions.

How to Block GPS Vehicle Tracking?

For location and navigational features, GPS technology depends on precise signal transmissions. So, using jamming devices that interfere with these transmissions, vehicle tracking using GPS technology can be prevented.

Use a Plug-in GPS Blocker

A plug-in GPS blocker generates an interference signal that prevents GPS tracking of moving objects. It only requires a simple plug-in to the auxiliary power outlet or cigarette lighter in your car. When you start the car, the blocking device also starts, and your car is no longer visible on GPS monitors. Turn off your car or remove the gadget to deactivate it.

Carry a Handheld GPS Blocker

From the palm of your hand, a portable blocker jams GPS signals. Manually turn on the device with a button or switch rather than plugging it into your car. When you stop driving, don’t forget to turn off or deactivate the device to prevent further interference with the GPS and cellular signals in the area.

Wrap the GPS Device in Aluminum Foil

Signals sent by a GPS device will be distorted by any metal that conducts electricity. When you want to conceal your location, the simplest, cheapest, and simplest solution is to simply wrap the GPS device in aluminum foil. The tracker’s location and availability are the only requirements, and that’s the only catch.

How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking? An Easy Step-by-step Guide
How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking? An Easy Step-by-step Guide

Remove the GPS Tracker’s Battery

The GPS tracker can’t transmit a signal if its battery is dead. Initially, find the GPS tracker. To stop the signal, simply pull the device free if it is attached to your car with a magnet or a data connector plug. After that, discard the GPS unit and battery to make sure it isn’t still transmitting your location.

Disable Location Tracking on Your Cell Phone

Similar to a GPS, cell phones can easily reveal your location. The easiest way to mask your location is to turn on “Airplane Mode” (this turns off the cell and WiFi radios). Then, turn off your location services, reporting, or history in your phone’s settings app to turn off the GPS tracking.

Search the Exterior of Your Vehicle

On the outside of your car, GPS trackers can be magnetically or with tape fastened. Search for suspicious looking boxes, probably with antennas. Look in difficult-to-reach places, such as the undercarriage or the wheel wells, using a flashlight. Here are some of the most likely places to find a tracker

Examine the Interior of Your Vehicle

Additionally, GPS trackers can be covertly installed or hid inside your car. This is most likely the case only if you believe that a family member, ex-spouse, or other close acquaintance who has access to your car planted a device. Search these common places where they might hide one:

Find the GPS Device With a Handheld Locator.

This practical device picks up emitted GPS signals from your car. If you can’t see the GPS unit inside or outside your car, use one of these. Complete a full scan while standing no more than 5 meters (16 feet) from your car. The locator will flash and beep when a GPS signal is found.

Read about


In the US, it is against the law to interfere with or block GPS systems installed in vehicles for law enforcement use. Consult your local law enforcement if you find a GPS device and are unsure of its legal standing.

If it obstructs authorized radio communications, GPS blocking or scrambling is frequently illegal under federal law.


You can take the GPS device out on your own if it is attached with a magnet or plug. A professional should remove it if it is hardwired into the electrical system of your car.

The real-time trackers that continuously transmit a signal can be blocked using these GPS blocking techniques. They won’t touch a logger tracker, which keeps track of locations and needs to be physically connected to a computer in order to display the information.

Consult a qualified mechanic or GPS installer if you think your car may be equipped with a GPS tracker but can’t find it.

Can You Use a Magnet to Block a GPS Signal?

Magnets in car tracking systems are made in such a way that they rarely damage GPS equipment, even though a strong magnet might.

In order to interfere with GPS and other similar devices, the magnet would need to be strong enough to disrupt particles. Your blood cells’ iron content would be decreased by a powerful magnet of this size.

The majority of GPS car trackers come with surface magnets that can be used to attach them to the outside of the car, but they are placed in front of the antenna that receives radio signals from GPS satellites.

By doing this, the tracker’s positioning options are increased and the magnet’s ability to interfere with GPS signals at the internal antenna is eliminated.

The Legality of Vehicle GPS Tracking

Fleet managers should research the legality of GPS for telematics and live tracking before putting it into practice.

The use of GPS tracking on any asset that you or your business entity owns is, in general, legal. This means that the owner of a fleet business can track the vehicles under their ownership and use the information in legal proceedings in the event that an asset is misused.

However, if a vehicle is being actively tracked, fleet owners must also inform the drivers. Fleet owners considering installing GPS trackers should do their research before doing so because the exact laws can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and over time.


How Do You Trick a GPS Tracker?

The GPS receiver must always have an unimpeded, clear view of the satellites. A GPS receiver is essentially rendered useless if this view is blocked because it is unable to receive or transmit signals. Even though it sounds like a crazy tin foil hat joke, any GPS tracking device can be tricked by a single layer of consumer metal foil.

What Happens If You Remove GPS Tracker on Your Car?

The lender can easily recover the vehicle with the help of a car tracker. However, if a customer does remove the GPS tracking unit, a tamper alert will be sent. This denotes that it has been taken out of the car. The tracking device will keep running because it has a backup battery.

Is There An App to Detect a GPS Tracker?

Android users can use Tracker Detect to look for item trackers with Find My support, such as AirTags, that may be unknowingly traveling with them.

The Best Way to Block GPS Tracking

While carrying out these three actions will lessen your risk of cell phone location tracking, none of them will completely shield you from it. Utilizing SLNT Faraday sleeves for your phone is the only effective way to permanently stop all GPS tracking.

All signals, including cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR, EMP, and radiation are blocked by SLNT cases, giving you the assurance that your phone is completely safe.

Also not needed are GPS jammers, GPS tracker blocking apps, or aluminum foil.

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