How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost? the Ultimate Guide

How much does a tire rotation cost

Your car’s tires play a major part in ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable ride. This is why it’s crucial to perform regular tire rotations and inspections on them. But how much does a tire rotation cost?

Tire rotation usually costs from $20 to $200 for a set of tires, depending on the auto repair shop you visited. If you purchased your tires from a particular store, they might provide a free tire rotation service for a while. Keep reading.

What is Tire Rotation, and Why is It Important?

Simply put, rotating your tires involves changing all four of your car’s tires. Due to the various types and intensities of stress they experience at each wheel, tires typically wear unevenly, so this is crucial. For instance, front tires on front-wheel drive cars typically degrade more quickly than rear tires. And if you’re frequently taking sharp right turns, it could put extra stress on your left front tire.

You can help achieve equal wear on all four tires over time by rotating your tires frequently. In order to prevent one tire from degrading faster than the others, it alternates the stress levels. As a result of the tires wearing down equally, you should ideally avoid having to replace them more frequently.

Regular tire rotation can also improve traction and handling when you’re making those tight turns or slamming on the brakes to come to an abrupt halt, as well as lessen the stress on drive components. Thus, over time, tire rotations may result in significant cost savings for tire replacements and routine maintenance. Rotating your tires may even enhance your car’s overall performance and increase its fuel efficiency. This implies that you might make savings at the gas pump as well.

In many cases, it might be a mandatory requirement for tire warranties to remain valid, so you’ll have to do it if you want to keep your tires covered. But most importantly, it could improve road safety for you and your loved ones. That’s something you should never leave to chance.

How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost? the Ultimate Guide
How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost? the Ultimate Guide

How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost?

For most typical cars and light trucks, a tire rotation is one of the least expensive services you can receive. The lowest tire rotation cost ranges from $20 to $50, and it is typically completed in under an hour.

However, luxury cars and larger vehicles tend to be more expensive to service, and tire rotation may be effectively impossible. These cars can cost more than $200 to rotate their tires, and they might need to replace all of their tires after traveling half as far as a typical car with similarly sized wheels and tires.

People frequently choose to have their tires balanced and (possibly) get an alignment at the same time, which can cost at least $20 to $30 more. Despite the higher cost, this procedure is frequently required because wheels should be balanced on a regular basis, especially as tires deteriorate.

Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) Tire Rotation and Cost

Today’s automobiles are almost exclusively front-wheel-drive, or FWD. This means that the engine, which is typically horizontally oriented, transmits power to the front wheels, which also serve as the steering system. As you might expect, this results in the front tires losing their tread sooner than the back tires.

In a standard FWD car, like a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla, a technician will typically rotate the front and rear tires in an “X” pattern. The rear driver’s side wheel and tire goes to the front passenger side, and the front driver’s side wheel and tire goes to the rear passenger side.

Basic front-wheel-drive cars typically have the lowest maintenance costs because they hardly ever require the removal of the wheels’ tires. A front-wheel-drive tire rotation typically costs between $40 and $70 and takes under an hour to complete.

Rear-Wheel-Drive (RWD) Tire Rotation and Cost

Rear-wheel-drive (or RWD) vehicles were once the standard configuration for cars and trucks. This began to change in the 1980s, as the advantages of FWD for commuter cars made them a preferable option. However, the process and price for rotating RWD tires are essentially the same as for FWD vehicles.

The price range for rotating the tires on a typical RWD car is $30 to $80. Older vehicles typically have larger tires, which can increase the cost. The majority of RWD vehicles on the road today are pickup trucks or sports cars, each with their own unique set of issues that we’ll discuss later.

All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) Tire Rotation and Cost

All-wheel-drive (or AWD) vehicles are known for wearing out tires fast. Due to the increased rate of wear and the wide range of power loads, it’s crucial to have your tires rotated regularly if you drive an AWD vehicle.

The majority of AWD vehicles send more power to the front wheels. However, because the back wheels also receive power, they wear out even more quickly than the front wheels. This makes the procedure more difficult. Additionally, skipping tire rotations may cause your tires to wear out before they can be rotated; in that case, you’ll need to buy a brand-new set of tires right away.

AWD tires shouldn’t be rotated front-to-back or in a circle. Most shop techs agree (as do most manufacturers) that AWD tires should be rotated in an “X” pattern. This has become the standard procedure for most vehicles today.

The cost of an AWD tire rotation will be about the same as a standard RWD or FWD car, provided that the wear isn’t too uneven. These tires will probably need to be balanced after every rotation, which can raise the price by as much as 50%. For an AWD tire rotation, a safe range is between $80 and $100 at most tire shops.

Four-Wheel-Drive (4WD Or 4×4) Tire Rotation and Cost

AWD and 4WD systems are frequently confused, contrary to popular belief. Most of the time, they’re not, and maintaining a 4WD car will probably be less expensive than one with an AWD system. 4WD (also known as 4×4) is usually designed to run part-time only. This means that on paved surfaces, the vehicle almost exclusively relies on its rear wheels for propulsion unless the driver manually engages 4WD.

4WD is not designed for dry pavement. In actuality, using 4WD on asphalt has the potential to severely harm the entire system, including the tires. The most expensive tire rotations happen as a result of improper 4WD use over an extended period of time.

If a 4WD system is operated and maintained properly, the cost (and procedure) to rotate tires is typically the same as a 2WD system and rarely costs more than $100.

Electric Vehicle Tire Rotation and Cost

Electric vehicles are relatively new to the market. However, they quickly developed a infamous reputation for balding out tires and necessitating more frequent tire rotations.

This is because electric vehicles apply 100% of their torque immediately, which is a massive strain on tires. A typical car has a powerband and doesn’t operate at its best until well after the wheels start to move. Electric vehicles are always at peak performance, which causes progressive tire wear.

To ensure a long tire life, electric vehicle tires should be rotated every 3,000 miles. The procedure itself typically costs between $80 and $100 and needs to be done more frequently than with conventional vehicles.

How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost? the Ultimate Guide
How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost? the Ultimate Guide

Factors That Affect Price for Tire Rotation

If you start feeling differently while driving on smooth roads, it can be caused by the uneven wear of your tires. You would need to have your tires inspected for this, and you would probably have to pay for tire rotation and alignment.

Every repair shop has a different tire rotation price. Here are some factors that affect their pricing:

  • Cost of Labor – A significant portion of the tire rotation cost is the cost of labor. A mechanic’s wage is determined by his level of experience. So if you want a more experienced mechanic to inspect your tires, it may come with a hefty price.
  • Luxury Vehicles – Rotate tires cost would be higher in luxury vehicles compared to standard vehicles as it consists of some exclusive parts.

A Land Rover or a Jaguar tire rotation service, for example, will cost you up to $60, while rotating the tires of a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla will cost you up to $45.

  • Dealership — If you allow the dealership to examine your vehicle, there are specialized tire rotation patterns that can be used as necessary. However, there will be an additional fee for this service.
  • Other Services Offered: Tire rotation is occasionally included in packages with other auto repair services. Additional fees might apply for services like brake fluid examinations, tire pressure checks, oil changes, and other things.

A List of Common Auto Service Shops and Their Tire Rotation Costs

To provide you with a better representation of the average cost of a tire rotation, I made a list of some common auto service shops and their rate for this type of service.

  • Firestone

The official website of Firestone provides a variety of discount coupons for a range of goods and services.

So what does Firestone charge for a discounted tire rotation? A car care coupon from them would allow you to have tire rotation for only $9.99.

They charge a flat rate for this service of about $25 without a discount.

  • Jiffy Lube

Starting with only offering oil change services, different car maintenance services including changing filters, brake inspection, and tire rotation are now available at Jiffy Lube.

The cost of these services varies according to the shop’s location. Tire rotation is typically $40 here, which is still less expensive than what other auto repair facilities charge.

  • Discount Tire

Tire rotation at Discount Tire costs roughly $15 per tire. The good news is that if you purchase your tires from them, you can have a tire rotation and balance service performed without cost.

Since they charge less for tires than other shops, they also offer good deals on tires. The cost of tires here is half that of similar tires at other retailers.

  • Midas

Another place for you to get tires rotated is at Midas. The price of a tire rotation starts here at around $20, but it may go higher depending on the kind of vehicle you have.

However, you can get it for less money if you buy an auto maintenance package that also includes an oil change, tire rotation, and tire inspection.

  • YourMechanic

There are numerous auto repair services available through YourMechanic. If you need some services for your car, they even have a mobile mechanic who can come to your home.

They are on the expensive end of what is typically charged for tire rotation. The price varies depending on the model of your car, but it typically starts at $79 per repair.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

Mechanics typically recommend a tire rotation every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally speaking, this occurs every six to twelve months, but it may not always. The make and model of your car, for instance, may affect how frequently you rotate your tires. If you’re using a newly bought vehicle, then the owner’s manual can guide you on this.

Additionally, a car that is subjected to rough handling may require more frequent tire rotations. This might also depend on the vehicle’s weight. And a rotation is typically necessary sooner with a new set of tires. This is because uneven tread wear would be more pronounced on new tires than on their older counterparts.

Additionally, you can examine your tires visually to determine whether they are wearing unevenly. You might observe varying amounts of tread wear on each tire if you haven’t rotated the tires in a while. Watch out for vibrations or frequently low tire pressure on one or two tires when you’re traveling at higher speeds. These are all potential signs that it’s time for a tire rotation.

How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost? the Ultimate Guide
How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost? the Ultimate Guide


How Long Does a Tire Rotation Take?

Usually, the average length of time that a tire rotation will take is around an hour and it’s recommended every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Do Tires Last Longer If Rotated?

Rotating your tires evens out the wear and makes them last longer. An ideal opportunity to check the condition of all four wheels is presented by proper rotation, which also helps to even out wear and prolong the life of your tires.

Can I Do Tire Rotation Myself?

For doing your own home tire rotation, you’ll need a car jack, lug nut wrench, and jack stands. The small scissor jack from your trunk is much more difficult to use than a hydraulic floor jack. Only lift the vehicle from solid points, such as the frame. The manual will note specific locations to use the jack on your vehicle.

Are Tire Rotations Worth It?

Properly rotated tires can make for a smoother ride. Additionally, it can lengthen the life of your tires, saving you time and money. Rotating your tires will even out wear and prolong the tread life of each tire. Even if your car has all-wheel drive, regular rotations are still crucial.

Summary: How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost?

Tire rotation usually costs from $20 to $200 for a set of tires, depending on the auto repair shop you visited. If you purchased your tires from a particular store, they might provide a free tire rotation service for a while. 

The likelihood of your car being damaged by not rotating your tires is low, but the likelihood exists that your tires will need to be replaced, which will be expensive and avoidable. When combined with other services like oil changes, most shops don’t charge much for tire rotations.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. KV Auto tries to give you the best car industry information. Thank you for reading.

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