Worship the Electric Daddy Before Driving? Xpeng Motors Urgently Apologized

Worship the Electric Daddy Before Driving Xpeng Motors Urgently Apologized

Friends, March was more outrageous than Musk’s $10 trillion request.

Technology has always been Xiaopeng’s main selling point, and Li Xiang once commented that He Xiaopeng wants to verify the world through technology.

just didn’t expect that this verification method was to let the owner give Xpeng Motors… Knock one?

A Xpeng owner recently posted a video saying that the car machine needs face recognition to update the APP, but there is no camera in the car, and the car machine uses the front camera of the vehicle for panoramic images as the recognition camera.

So, a funny and outrageous picture appeared, and the owner began to half-kneel in front of the car for face authentication.

Off the big spectrum

It is reported that the owner is updating a third-party APP on the car machine, and the online video shows that it is suspected to be Meituan’s Dianping APP, and face authentication is required to download the software.

But the car machine calls the camera at the front position, and the owner has to get out of the car and kneel on the ground to authenticate through a similar “kowtow” action.

As soon as this video was released, it caused heated discussions among netizens.

@七刀小熊猫3591: This operation is true6.

@这就是踏雪: Laugh at me, Bengbu stops.

@社I骨: Precious images of the early domestication of humans by smart cars.

Some netizens suggested that He Xiaopeng fire the product manager and project leader, and some netizens proposed a solution to Xiaopeng: “You can make a QR code for the owner to scan with a mobile phone, and then authenticate with the mobile phone.”

Some netizens pointed out: “In fact, it is a software adaptation problem”, it is the APP brainless call camera, the major APP rushes to the car, but the car machine version is not suitable for the car machine.

Xiaopeng then responded to the incident:

It is said that when individual users log in to third-party apps on the large screen, risk control strategies will be triggered, and face recognition is required. Due to the poor user experience, the app was removed from the market and began to optimize immediately.

At the same time, we will continue to improve the online review mechanism of the app store. While ensuring account and privacy security, it provides users with the best interactive and ecological experience.

apologize for the lack of detail and perfection in their work.

Yes, the solution given by Xiaopeng is also very simple and rude, remove the relevant APP, apologize, and then optimize.

As for when the relevant software will be relaunched, Xpeng did not give a specific time. However, some owners said that the repair has been completed and there is no problem.

Who will carry the pot

On smartphones, we use various apps for face recognition to verify identity for information security, which is no wonder. But on smart cars with technology as a selling point, the operation is slightly awkward.

In fact, although third-party APP poured into the car machine from mobile phones, the research and development ideas have not changed. It even directly follows the operating system of smartphones and pads, and does not consider the use scenario in the car at all. Therefore, the name is Vehicle Edition but it is not suitable for all car machines.

Moreover, third-party software has always been a controversial topic.

Previously, Mercedes-Benz caused dissatisfaction among car owners due to the central control screen pop-up window advertisement, in this regard, Mercedes-Benz customer service responded that the pop-up advertisement was not popped up by the Mercedes-Benz car machine system itself, it may be that third-party software was opened.

Mercedes-Benz customer service said that the vehicle system itself will not implant any ads, and there will be no ads popping up, because the system of the car machine is to control the vehicle.

According to Mercedes-Benz customer service, if the owner downloads a certain software, and the software cooperates with Mercedes-Benz, then the device that downloaded the software will have an advertisement pop up. If you want to reject the ejection, just close the software.

On the other hand, Xiaopeng, who stands on science and technology, before the software goes online, from research and development to testing to review, directly pushes to users without finding problems, and also teaches a lesson to smart cars.

Industry insiders believe that as the vehicle system becomes more and more complete, car companies should also strengthen the review process and standards for third-party software.

Technology is to serve users, and it is good to add all kinds of cool features to smart cars, but the key issue is to be able to truly meet the needs of customers. Instead of technology for the sake of technology, many times, the stronger the sense of technology of the product, the farther away from the user.

Just a day before this matter fermented, Xpeng announced its sales in February 2023, delivering a total of 6,010 new cars, down 3.5% year-on-year, which is already Xpeng’s sixth consecutive month of year-on-year decline.

In fact, since the second half of 2022, Xpeng has fallen into a black hole where sales and losses have declined, and the G9, which has been given high hopes, has not become the savior of Xpeng as hoped.

Just now, Xpeng announced the new P7i, equipped with the Snapdragon SA8155P chip, in addition to a comprehensive upgrade of assisted driving, but also upgraded the functions and configuration of the vehicle and the three electric systems and handling performance, this car is also considered to be Xpeng’s impulse responsibility.

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