Routes Car Rental Reviews 2022: Should You Use It?

Routes Car Rental

Consider using Routes Car Rental for your next rental?

The company, which is based in Canada, offers cargo vans, trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, and sedans in numerous nations. What you need to know about Routes is provided below. To learn more about this app, continue reading.

Basic Facts About Routes Car Rental

A car rental business with its headquarters in Mississauga, Canada is called Routes Car Rental. Hardeep Nagra founded the business in 1998. Routes were in business in 16 U.S. cities as of July 2021. and Canada and numerous others all over the world.

Major North American airports with routes include Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), Orlando International Airport (MCO), and Denver International Airport (DEN).

Athens, Greece, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico are just a couple of the airports that Routes promotes on its website. But that does not necessarily imply that Routes has physical presences there. Affiliate businesses stand in for Routes’ brand at a few of its listed locations.

Routes Car Rental and the Paris-based Europcar Mobility Group announced an alliance partnership in September 2020. The agreement gives each brand’s customers access to the other’s services.

Reviews Of Routes Car Rental

There have been some favorable remarks about Routes Car Rental. However, tenants should be aware of the overwhelmingly high number of unfavorable experiences clients have shared after using the company’s services.

The car rental company has a “poor” rating of just two stars on Trustpilot, with 81% of the reviews on the site falling into the “bad” category. Several recent reviewers even said they had the “worst experience” renting here in their respective reviews.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), where 143 complaints were made against the company in the previous three years, does not accredit Routes. Based on an average of 27 customer reviews, the product only receives 1.41 out of 5 stars on the website.

Routes Car Rental

Customers complained about things like dirty or damaged cars, overcharging for damages, and poor communication. Customers of Routes in Calgary, Alberta reported on Tripadvisor that the requirements for proof of insurance confused them. Yelp users in Richmond, British Columbia, expressed dissatisfaction with the high security deposits.

What Are Customers Saying?

  • “Great experience and will use it again. went to the shuttle pickup location as directed. A shuttle pick-up and drop-off is efficient. The counter’s operation was swift. the counter’s helpful staff. Booking a Nissan Rouge, but getting a Jeep Gladiator instead. “
  • Excellent timeliness and service. Although unfortunate, the location’s distance from the airport was not the company’s fault. Priceline was ambiguous about it. The price was reasonable, and the equipment they gave me worked well for its intended use.
  • “Concerning my rental booking, I ran into issues with Mil Travel. They offered assistance and upheld the Mil Rate. Excellent staff; they were very patient with our Mil Travel system and procedure.”
  • On my end, everything I got seemed fine to me. I only needed to bring the car back because of a problem with the tires. No big deal, but it would have been nice if the car had been washed when I got it. When I came back a second time because of the tire problem, I wasn’t welcomed until the man from outside entered to take care of the problem.” This guide will go over how to wash a car at home and some frequently asked questions about best practices for washing cars in order to assist you in keeping your car clean.
  • “Since the rental car location was not at the airport, I initially had trouble figuring out how to get there. After I called, I received thorough instructions on the shuttle, what was required of me, and where to meet it. The staff was friendly and check-in went smoothly. Excellent overall experience; I would rent again.”

Is Routes Car Rental A Good Choice For You?

We advise considering additional factors, in addition to price, when deciding whether to rent from Routes Car Rental, given the volume of unfavorable testimonials the company has received. Even though you may believe you are getting a good deal, it frequently pays to look into other options before making your next rental car reservation.

Routes receives the lowest score of 2 out of 5 stars in AutoSlash’s Ultimate Rental Car Ratings. We consider it a “Tier 4” company after hearing complaint after complaint after complaint. Although Routes may appear to offer an appealing price, be aware that there is a significant chance you won’t be satisfied.

Through their rewards programs, major car rental companies can also provide some fantastic savings and benefits. Additionally, these businesses provide specialized customer service lines that can direct you to the appropriate person in the event of a problem.

To prevent any problems with damage claims later on, if you rent a car from Routes, we advise that you thoroughly document the condition of the vehicle before driving it off the lot. Additionally, pay close attention to the terms and conditions listed in your contract. Additionally, confirm that the final bill matches the estimate you were given. Ensure that no unauthorized add-ons that will increase your costs were added to your reservation.

This will make it more likely that you won’t unintentionally sign up for any extra services. Some clients have complained about receiving erroneous damage charges. Aside from that, make sure to find out if Routes is using its own name or an affiliate company to conduct business at the particular rental location.

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